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Beijing Spirit

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Beijing Spirit Begins from Teamwork

Good Morning, Teacher (teachers)!

I am Wang Zhentao from Dongjiaominxiao primary school. Today, I am glad to be here to share my opinion of Beijing Spirit with you. My topic is “Beijing Spirit Begins from teamwork.”

Patriotism, innovation, inclusion and social morals are made up of the Beijing Spirit. As a teenager in Beijing, how should we connect Beijing Spirit with our daily life? I think a good teamwork is the good implementation of Beijing Spirit.

Teamwork helps me a lot in my school life. The most impressive thing is that: in last semester, our school held an English Drama competition. I was assigned to organize the activity for our class. At the beginning, I had no idea and did not know how to prepare it. My teacher told me: “Tony, Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Don’t forget we are a team.” With the help of my teacher and classmates, I drafted a work plan. First, I collected all the ideas from classmates and discussed together. To my surprise, some ideas were so excellent that I found many shinning points from my classmates. After discussion, we decided not to use the existing plays, but to create a new play by ourselves. Then, I divided all people into four groups according to their own interests and choices. There were Although finally only 15 people had the roles on the stage, all the classmates regarded this activity as their own task and did the jobs carefully. Everyone was active, creative, helpful and tolerant. I was really moved, and try my best to organize the whole things as good as I could. On the competition day, our English drama < School Life in Future> put on the stage. With the innovative plot, wonderful acting, brilliant scene setting, and fair-sounding music, we won the first prize.

I know deeply that the big success is depended on the teamwork. We succeeded, because we are a team and we have a common goal; we love the team, so everyone is helpful and inclusive. The core value of the teamwork is just the Beijing spirit.

We are all team members. At home, we are team members of family; at campus, we are team members of school; at society, we are team members of Dongcheng scrip writing group, scene setting group, music group and logistic group.

district and our city, our country. So, Let’s love our team, and try best to be a caring, innovative, inclusive and honest team member beginning from today, from the small things around us, then I do believe the tomorrow of our school, our Dongcheng district and our city will become better and better.

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