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Unit9 第四课时

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What does he look like?

Imitate the conversation.

Who does best?

Read the article quickly and answer the questions. 1. What is Joe Brown’s job? He is a police artist. 2. What does the real criminal look like? He is a short and heavy old man, and he has short black hair.

Read the first part carefully fill in the mind Some map:
His job: How does Joe Brown work? people see...talk to…

The police..

Then joe draw…

They tell…

Read the second part and according to(根 据)the passage to describe the persons.
The criminal is of______ medium ______ build andyoung ____ .He has long ____ ____ ______ ____ eyes ____. straight brown hair and big thin and he has He is tall and ______ ____ curly ______ blond hair

In the endThe real criminal heavy is a _____and _____ short old ___man,and he has ________ _____ hair short black

Read the article again and write what the word in the words in bold refer to. 1. He = __________________ Joe Brown picture of the criminal 2. it = the __________________ the criminal 3. him=__________________ draw a good picture 4. this=__________________ 5. they= many ______________________ people (who see and __________________ describe the criminals) the criminal 6. He =___________________

Let’s go!

An Interview Job
Joe Brown has ____________________. a very interesting job He is a ____________. ____________ police artist Some people see criminals and then _______ talk to Joe. They tell him __________________. what the criminal looks like Then Joe _____________________________, draws a picture of the criminal and the police___________________ to find put it in newspapers and on television________ him.

Let’s go!

draw a good picture of each criminal, He wants to __________________________ but this job is sometimes ________. difficult Many people see things the same way so they don’talways________________________ may describe_______________________. the same person differently Also, they don’t always ______________. remember well

is of medium build and young. “The criminal _________________ straight brown hair He has long ______________________and big eyes,” says one woman. says, “ He is ___________, tall and thin and he curly blonde hair He’s about __________old.” has_______________. thirty years criminal is_______________Old , thereal __________ a short and heavy man, and he has_______________! short black hair

? find the sentences and translate into chinese
1. Then Joe draws a picture of the criminal , and the police put it in newspapers and on television to find him. 2. He wants to draw a good picture of each criminal, but this job is sometimes difficult. 3.Many people don’t always see things the same way so they may describe the same person differently.

3a Jack is Bill’s best friend. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. looks glasses straight shoes handsome

My best friend is Jack. Let me tell you what he _____ looks like. First of all, he is very tall and ____

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