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1. -What did you do last Friday?

-Tim played _____soccer and I played _____ piano.

A. the, the B. the, / C. /, the D . a, the

2. ___ car is over there? --- It’s mine.

A. Who B. Whose C. Where D. Whom

3. Mike ____ to school at 7:00 every morning.

A. goes B. going C. go D. went

4. What ___ the man ___ over there?

A.is,do B.are,doing C.is,doing D.are,do

5. I want ___ . Can you come with me, please?

A.to go shop B.go to shop C.to go shopping D. go shopping

II 句型转换 (4ⅹ2.5′)

1. Tom watches TV every day. (改为一般疑问句,做肯定回答)

2. Kate is looking for her watch.(改为否定句)

______________________________________________________________ 对划线部分进行提问)


4. Nancy has a new skirt.(改为否定句)


III 阅读理解(5ⅹ2′)

Mr and Mrs Smith come from Sydney. They teach English in a middle school in China. They like their work. They have a son and a daughter, Jim and Sue. They are all in China now. Mr Smith can speak Chinese. He likes swimming and reading. Mrs Smith likes swimming in the afternoon and cooking. Jim and Sue like playing chess. They often play games with Chinese boys and girls.

Jim's uncle, Green, works on a farm(在农场里)near Sydney.

He likes swimming, too. He wants to work in China. But he can't speak Chinese. So he is still there and goes to Chinese classes every week.

1.Where are Jim and Sue from? A. America B. Canada C. Australia

2.What does Mr Smith like? He likes ____________.

A. cooking B. reading C. playing games

3.What does Jim's uncle like? He likes ____________.

A. reading B. playing games C. swimming

4.Where does Sue's uncle work?

A. On a farm. B. In a school. C. In a club.

5.Who works in different countries(国家)now?

A. Mr and Mrs Smith. B. Mr Smith and his uncle. C. Mr Smith and his brother.



从A. B. C. D 四个选项中找出一个最佳答案,将其标号填入题前括号内.

( )1. Look! The cat ____.

A. runing B.run C.ran D. is running

( )2. .She usually goes to school ___ seven ___ the morning.

A. at; on B. at; in C. about; on D. in; at

( )3. I want ___ the house. Could you ___ me?

A.clean;to help B.clean;help C.to clean;help D.cleaning;to help

( )4. _____ is my teacher. I’m _____ student.

A. She;his B. She;her C. He,; her D. She; she

( )5. Look, there’s ___ apple tree. ___tree is very small.

A. an,;A B. an;The C. a; The D. The; the


( )6. Which number doesn’t belong to (属于) the same type(种类)? A. 9 B. 243 C. 81 D. 16

三.阅读理解 An old tiger lives in the forest. He doesn’t want to look for food now. He often tells other animals to get him something to eat.

He sees a monkey and says, “I’m hungry, Monkey. Go to the village and get me a fat pig.”

“Oh, Tiger,” says the monkey. “I can’t do that now. There is another tiger over there. He also wants a fat pig. He will not let me get anything for you to eat. I am afraid of him.”

“What?” cries the old tiger. “Show me that tiger. I will eat him.”

“Come with me,” says the monkey.

The monkey and the tiger get to the bridge over the river. “Now look down at the river.” Says the monkey. “Do you see it? The tiger?”

“Yes, I do.” cries the old tiger. “I will eat him up!” With these words, the tiger jumps into the river.

( ) 7. How many tigers and monkeys are there in the story?

A. Two tigers and one monkey B. Two tigers and two monkeys

C. Only one tiger and one monkey D. Two monkeys and one tiger

( ) 8. Why does the tiger tell the other animals to get him food? Because ____________.

A. only they can look for some food B. he is old and they are afraid of him

C. he is very tired(累的) D. the other animals like him very much

( ) 9. The monkey _____________________

A. goes to the village to get a pig B. knows there is another tiger

C. gets to the bridge with the tiger D. tells the tiger to jump into the water

( ) 10. Which of the following is right? __________

A. The monkey eats up the tiger B. The tiger eats up another tiger

C. The tiger jumps into the water D. The tiger is clever

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