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1.Rewrite the sentence(正确抄写句子)

(1)what are you doing


(2) she often eats salad


(3) what do you want i want some apple pies


(4) what does morris want at christmas


(5) do you have any english books


2. Read and choose 选出与所给单词化线部分发音相同的单词

(1)( ) head A meat B jeans C bread

(2)( ) nut A net B come C nurse

(3)( ) tie A tea B my C yes

(4)( ) they A monkey B honey C day

(5)( ) shorts A cold B cough C foot

3. Choose the right answer 选择正确的答案

(1) ( ) Look there, _____are monkeys.

A this B there C those

(2) ( ) My dog _____two big eyes.

A have B is C has

(3) ( ) Please _____some pills.

A has B take C drink

(4) ( ) What’s the matter? I have a ____.

A ache B cold C stomache

(5) ( ) What does your brother _____?

A likes B wants C have

(6) ( ) I can see ___old tortoise.

A an B a C you

(7) ( ) She _____cleaning the table now.

A is B can C doesn’t

(8) ( ) There____some water in the glass.

A is B are C has

(9) ( ) There isn’t _____salad in the bowl.

A some B a C any

(10) ( ) I don’t want ____juice.

A some B a C any

4. Rewrite the sentence 按要求改写句子

(1) There is some milk on the floor.(变成否定句) There _______ _______milk on the floor.

(2)There is a box in front of the chair.(改成复数句)

There ________ some ______in front of the chair.

(3) He can make the bed.(改为现在进行时)

He _____ ___________the bed.

(4) Are those boys cool? (变成肯定句)

Those ______ ______ cool.

(5) Can you tidy your room? (按实际情况回答)


5. Read and judge 阅读短文,判断所给句子是否符合文章内容,相符的写“T” 比相符的写”F”.

Peter is a boy. He is ten. He’s a pupil. He’s in my class. He likes toys. He can make paper boats. We can see some boats in his bag. But he can’t make paper planes. I can help him. We are good friends.

1. ( ) Peter is a pupil.

2. ( ) Peter is nine.

3. ( ) Peter and I are classmates.

4. ( ) Peter can make paper boats.

5. ( ) I can make paper planes.

6. Read and answer the questions. 阅读短文回答问题

London is a very big city. There are three big parks in London. In the parks, you can play football and watch the ducks. London’s famous(著名的)zoo is in Regent’s park. In the zoo, there are animals from all over the

world(世界). There are big birds and long snakes in the cages(笼子). There are monkeys and elephants in it,too. And you can give bananas to them.

(1) Is London a big city?________________________________

(2) How many big parks in London?_________________________

(3) Where is the famous zoo?_____________________________

(4) What is in the zoo?__________________________________

(5) Can you feed(给...喂食)the monkeys?____________________

7. Write at least four sentences about your favorite pet with the beginning of “I have...”or your friends’ pet with the beginning of “He/She has...”(请用英语介绍一下你的宠物,至少4句话,以“I have...”作为文章开头,或介绍你朋友的宠物,以“He/She has...”作为文章开头)

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

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