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五年级下 Unit5 Look at the monkeys第六课时

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Unit5 Look at the monkeys A Let’s learn

Teacher: Miss Peng

fly It can fly.


It is flying.

walking It is walking.

What is it doing? It is walking.

What are they doing?
They are walking.

It can jump.

jumping It is jumping.

It is running.

swim It is swimming.

They are swimming.

What is it doing?

It is jumping.

What is it doing?

It is walking.

What is it doing?

It is flying.

It is running.

Look at the …,it’s…

Look at the …,it’s…

Let’s Chant
Walking, walking, the tiger is walking. Running, running, the lion is running.

Jumping, jumping, the rabbit is jumping.
flying, flying, the bird is flying. Swimming, swimming, the fish is swimming.


把下列单词转换为动词ing 形式

sing—— singing draw—— drawing

dance—— dancing cook —— cooking

work—— working
jump—— jumping




walk —— walking

They want a home. So we should protect them.

人类善待自然 就是善待自己

Date: May 8th Wednesday

1 . Listen to the tape and say it to your parents. 2.Write down the words

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