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Unit 4 At a farm
? B Read and write

I like tomatoes.
I like potatoes. Carrots I will try. I love to eat green beans. But onions make me cry.

I love to eat______.

What does he love to eat?


Hello! I’m Nick. Look! This is my grandpa’s garden. It’s big and nice.

These are flowers. They are very beautiful.

These are green beans.

These are tomatoes. They’re yummy. I love to eat tomatoes.

What are these, grandpa? Are they potatoes?

No, they aren’t.
They are fruit. They’re small and red. They’re yummy.

Are they strawberries?

Wow, yummy. I love to eat them.

Yes, they are. Try some.

What are these, grandpa? Are they carrots?

Yes, they are. Rabbits love to eat them.

1. Nick love to eat ________. A. Tomatoes B. Strawberries C. √ tomatoes and strawberries.

2. Tick what are on the garden? (√ ( )tomatoes. )bananas ( ) corns

( √ )green beans


) strawberries


) flowers

Hi ! This is Mr MacDonald’s farm .Let’s have a look !

This is the vegetable garden. These are carrots and potatoes.

Those are tomatoes and green beans over there.

There are animals, too. What are these ? They are sheep .
Mr MacDonald has ten sheep on the farm .

Are those sheep ?
No ,they are goats .

They love to eat carrots !

Can you see these on Mr MacDonald’s farm ?
Vegetable : potatoes √ carrots√ Animal:
cows sheep √ green beans √ hens

√ tomatoes

These are cows.

Those are sheep.

Those are carrots. ducks. These

创造属于自己的农场,并介绍: Hello! I’m … . This is my farm. These are _______. Those are _______. What are those? Are they_____? No, they aren’t. They are ___. My farm is big and nice. I love my farm.

1.读P43页3次,签字 2.抄写本p 3.复习unit4,准备周一考试

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