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(测试时间:60分钟 满分100分)成绩:



)1. A. B. C. )2. A. B. C. ( )3. A. B. C. ( )4. A. B. C.

( )5. A. B. C.

( )6. A. staple B. stapler C. tape ( ) 7.A. house B .mouth C. mouse

)8.A. boat B. road C. toad ( )9.A. Oct. 20th B. Dec. 12th C. Nov. 21st )10.A. What are you going to be? B. What are you going to do?

C. What are you going to have?



( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


) practiced ( March ( ) envelopes ( )planted( )


1date( ) 2.girl( ) 3. played( ) 4. before( ) 5. last( ) 6.fifty( ) 7. clean( ) 8.June( ) 9. red( ) 10.my( ).


( )1. A. It?s winter. B. It is sunny. C. It?s cool..

( )2. A. May 1st . B. Monday. C. It?s my birthday.

( )3. A. Yes , I do. B. Yes, I like. C. No ,they aren?t. ( )4. A .She?s watching TV. B. She wash the clothes. C. Cleaned the room. ( )5. A. Yes, I have some meat. B. I need some meat. C. I have some meat.. ( )6. A. He likes swimming. B .He?s a farmer. C. He?s tall..

( )7. Where was Lisa? A. In Ben?s home. B. In Jenny?s home. C. In Tony?s home. ( )8. What did Tony do ? A. He cooked . B. He played. C. He danced. ( )9.. Who play the piano? A. Ben. B. Jenny . C. Tony. ( )10. Whose birthday was it? A. Ben?s. B. Lisa?s. C. Jenny?s.


1. sn__ __ l( ) 2.lea__( ) 3.b__ __( ) 4.pap__ __ ( ) 5.sh__ __t ( ) 6. tai__( )

A. B C D E F 笔试部分(54分) 五.看图,找出相应的单词,把编号写在括号里。(10分)

A. B C D E

F. G. H. I. J.

1.rainy( ) 2.fifty( ) 3.piano( ) 4. windy ( ) 5. June( )

6..juice( ) 7..call( ) 8.calendar( ) 9.watch TV( ) 10.swim ( )


七、读句子,选择相应的图画,把编号写在括号里。(10分) A B. C. D E.


1. ( ) We can make snowmen in winter. 2. ( )This is my dictionary.

3. ( ) I played game yesterday. 4. ( )My friend can make model planes. 5. ( ) He is good at jumping. 6. ( )His birthday is in February. 7. ( )We rowed a boat last Saturday. 8.( ) I surfed the Internet last night. 9. ( )I can eat ice cream in summer. 10. ( ) She likes shopping on Sunday. 八、读句子,判断与常理或客观是否相符。相符的请在括号里打勾,否则打叉。(6分)( )1.Sunday is the last day of a week. ( )2. There are five seasons in a year.

( )3.Summer is in May ,June and July.

( )4.It?s warm and cool in January in Kumming. ( )5.Brush your teeth before you go to bed.

( )6..We can go swimming and skating in summer. 九、选择最佳选项,把编号写在括号里。(8分)

( )1.She ______ some fruit. A. needs B. have C. is

( )2. Yesterday was Sunday, the day before yesterday was ____, tomorrow is ____.

A. Saturday/Tuesday B. Saturday/Monday C. Monday/ Tuesday

( )5. Listen! The boy ___ over there. A. is dancing B .is singing C. sings ( )3.What did you do ____ the parade? A. on B.in C. of

( )4. Summer holiday is ______ winter holiday. A. before B .after C. in front of ( )5.Do you have ______ books?Yes, I have _____ A. some any B. any some C. any any

( )6. They wanted to _____ the old man ______ the bag yesterday.

A.help carry B. helped carry C. help carried ( )7 Are these yellow coats _____? No. They are ____. A. yours, her B .theirs, mine C.our, his

( )8. She didn?t ______ TV yesterday.

A. watched B. watching C.watch

十、根据对话内容和上下文的提示,选出正确的句子,把其编号写在横线上, 使对话通顺、合理。(5分)

Assistant: What about this pair? Assistant:________________?

Mom: I like blue. Assistant:What about this pair?

Mom:_________________.How much is it? Assistant:____________.

Mom:Ok,I will take it. Here is the money. Assistant: Thank you very much. 十一、阅读理解(15分)

Australia is the largest(最大的) island in the world. It?s in the south of the earth. So when it is hot summer in our country, it is cold winter in Australia. When it is the day time in China, and it?s the night in Australia.

Australia is big ,but it has a small population(人口).There are only about 20 million(百万) people. Australia is famous for its sheep and kangaroos. If you drive there, you will see many white sheep, everywhere there are sheep. You can see kangaroos in Australia,too. The mother kangaroo keeps its baby kangaroo in the “bag”.That is very interesting. (一)根据短文内容或常识选择正确的答案,把编号写在括号里。(4分) ( ) 1. Australia is ______ . A. big B. samll C. not big or small.

( ) 2.When it is winter in China, it?s _____ in Australia. A. summer. B.fall C.winter ( ) 3. There are many _______ in Australia. A.sheep B. Kangaroos C. Both A and B. ( ) 4. ______ is a city of Australia. A.Sydney B.Paris C.Shanghai (二)在文中找出三对意义相反或相对的词。(3分)

1._______ and ________ 2. _______ and___________ 3. ________ and _______ (三)根据短文内容填空,每空一词。每个单词第一个字母已给出。(8分) 1.Australia is an i__________.It?s in the s______ of the earth. 2.The population of Australia is s_______.

3 .Summer is h____ in Australia.

4. Australia has a lot of s______ and k__________.

5.The m_______ kangaroo keeps its b______ kangaroo in the bag.



3.Do you like apples?

4.What did she do yesterday? 5.what do you have? 6.What is your father like?


(测试时间:60分钟 满分100分)


1.sunny 2. visit my grandparent 3.fruit 4.doctor 5. winter 6.stapler 7.mouse 8.road 9.Dec.12th 10. What are you going to be?


A:Hi,Lisa,I called you yesterday,Where were you?

B:I eas at Ben?s home with Jenny and Tony.Yesterday was Ben?s bitthday. A:Did you have a party? B: Yes,we did. A:What did Jenny do? B:She danced

A:Did Tony play the pianoi?

B:No.Ben played the violin.Tony danced with Jenny. We were very happy.


(一)听音,根据听到的内容给下列图画标号。每小题读两遍。 (5分) 1. I?m hungry. I want to eat some rice. 2. When?s your birthday?It?s Apr.17. 3. It?s windy and clod in winter. 4.What?s your aunt like? She ?s nice 5. I like my cousin, he?s cute.

(二)听句子辨单词排序。每个句子含有下面的其中一个单词,按照提到的顺 序在单词后面的括号里标号。每小题读两遍。(5分)

1.Spring is before summer. 2.Women?s Day is on March 8th. 3. Put some envelopes on the desk.,please. 4.She practiced the trumpet yesterday. 5. I planted trees last year.


1.snail 2. leaf 3. boy 4.paper 5.shout 6. tail

三、听句子,判断下列单词是否在句子中出现。有出现的,请在单词后面的括号 里打√,否则打×。每小题读两遍。(10分) 1. What day is it today?. 2. This is a goat.

3. He played outside yesterday.. 4.What did you do the day before yesterday?

5. I did my homework last Sunday. 6. There are fifteen birds here. 7.He cleaned the room yesterday. 8.It?s July the first. 9.Don?t read in the sun. 10.. This is your book,not mine.


1.What?s the weather like yesterday? 2.When?s your birthday?


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