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一、 选择最佳答案。(每空1分,共20分,答案坐在第4页。)

( ) 1. Your pen is newer than _____________.

A. mine B. me C. her

( ) 2. Zhuhai is ________ than Guangzhou, I think.

A. most beautiful B. beautiful C. more beautiful

( ) 3. I learned __________ pictures on the computer.

A. to draw B. draw C. drew

( ) 4.How _______ she go to school in the morning ?

A. is B. does C. do

( ) 5.That is _______ American national flag. There ______ fifty stars on it.

A. a, is B. an, are C. an, is

( ) 6. What can you ________ on the blackboard?

A. see B. watch C. look

( ) 7. I had ________ and rice for lunch. Because my father bought two ________ yesterday.

A. fishes, fishes B. fish , fishes C. fish , fish

( ) 8. My grandfather usually ________ the flowers in the morning.

A. watering B. is watering C. waters

( ) 9. Listen! Xiaoling ________ in her classroom.

A. sings B. singing C. is singing

( ) 10. Yesterday my parents and I ________ our house.

A. are cleaning B. cleaned C. are going to clean

( ) 11. –Let’s ______ together. –Good idea!

A. go B. going C. to go


( ) 12. Linda goes to school ____ 7:00 ___ the morning.

A. in ; at B. at ; in C. at ; on

( ) 13. -- ________ birthday is in April? -- __________

A. Whose ; Jim’s B. Who’s ; Jim’s C. Who’s ; Jim

( ) 14. ______ is the first month of a year?

A. March B. September C. January

( ) 15. My father _____ a car and _________ a camera in the car.

A. have; there is B. has, there is C. have ; has

( ) 16. 当你想喝一杯茶时,你应说:

A. Would you like a cup of tea?

B. May I have a cup of tea?

C. I want a cup of tea.

( ) 17. 当你问别人问题或当众咳嗽、打喷嚏时,你应说:

A. Sorry. B. Excuse me . C. Hi!

( ) 18. 商店的服务员看到你要买东西时,应该说:

A. What do you want?

B. What size?

C. Can I help you?

( ) 19. 当你打电话时想知道对方是谁时,问:

A Who’s he? B Who are you? C Who’s that?

( ) 20. 当你向你的同学介绍你的朋友时,你应该说:

A. He is my friend, Li Lei.

B. This is my friend, Li Lei.

C. My friend is Li Lei.

二、 完形填空。(10分)

---Good morning, Mr Smith.


---Good morning, nurse. I want to see Dr. Black, please.

---How do you feel?

---Oh, I feel the dentist now.

---The dentist is very at the moment! I am afraid that he see you. Can you come tomorrow morning?


( ) 21. A. sick B. good

( ) 22. A. look B. talk

( ) 23. A. busy B. free C. hot C. see C. sad

( ) 24. A. can B. doesn’t C. can’t

( ) 25. A. teeth B. head

三、 阅读理解。(10分) C. ear

The USA is the fourth largest countries in the world. It is smaller than Russia, Canada and China. Washington DC is its capital. But it is a quiet city. New York is the biggest city in America and it’s one of the biggest cities in the world. It is in the east of the USA and at the mouth of the Hudson River. A large part of the city is on Manhatten Island (岛), a big island in the river. New York has a larger population than Washington DC. In New York we can see the famous statue, the statue of Liberty.

( ) 26. The USA is the _______ largest country in the world.

A. second B. third C. fourth

( ) 27. Washington DC has a _________ population than New York.

A. larger B. smaller C. more

( ) 28. Washington DC is _________ than New York .

A. larger B. more crowed C. quieter

( ) 29. A large part of New York is on ___________.

A. an island B. the sea C. the lake


( ) 30. New York is one of the ________ cities in the world. A. quietest


B. biggest

C. oldest


以“ My plan for the coming summer holiday ”为题写一篇小作文,描述自己即将到来的暑假计划。

要求:条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,单词拼写正确,书写规范,不少于40个单词。 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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