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(测试时间:60分钟 满分100分)成绩:





)1. A.


C.( )2. A. B. C. ( )3. A. B. C. ( )4. A. B. C.

B. C. ( )5. A. ( )6. A. B. C. ( ) 7.A. short B. shorts C. socks ( )8.A. wait B. where C. weather ( )9.A. It’s windy . B. It’s cloudy C. It’s sunny .

( )10.A. What do you need? B. What do you read? C. What do you see? (10分)


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二)听句子辨单词排序。每个句子含有下面的其中一个单词,按照提到的顺 (5分)

badminton ( ) vegetables ( ) yesterday ( ) dictionary ( )September (



1.cloudy( ) 2. foot( ) 3. stamp( ) 4. dirty( ) 5. Saturday( ) 6. thirty( ) 7. today( ) 8. March( ) 9. January( ) 10. four( ). 四、第1至第6小题,听问句,选答语,把编号写在括号里;第7至10小题,听一段小对话,根据内容选择正确的答案,把编号写在括号里。(10分)

( )1. A. It’s blue. B. It is sunny. C. It’s running. ( )2. A. It’s October1st . B. It’s Monday. C.It’s my birthday. ( )3. A. Yes , I do. B.Yes, I need. C. No. they aren’t.

( )4. A.She watched TV. B. She’s going to wash the clothes. C.I cleaned the room. ( )5. A. There’re twelve. B. There’re four. C. There’re seven. ( )6. A. Yes, he is. B.She’s a farmer. C. He’s a doctor. ( )7. What did Kate do last Saturday?

A.She played basketball. B.She played the violin. C. She played the piano. ( )8. What did Jack do last Saturday?

A. He played volleyball. B. He played basketball. C. He played badmiton. ( )9. Where was Jack last Saturday afternoon?

A. He was at school B. He was at home C. He was in Ben’s park.

( )10. Did Jack play with his father?

A. No, he didn’t. B. Yes, he did . C. No, he wasn’t.


1. listen_ _ ( ) 2.butto__ ( ) 3.h_ _se ( ) 4.parro_ ( ) 5.t_ _d ( ) 6. c_ _n ( )

A. B C D E F




F. G. H. I. J.

1.glue( ) 2.meat( ) 3.study( ) 4. tape ( ) 5. fall( )


6..fruit ( ) 7..dictionary( ) 8.farmer( ) 9.spring( ) 10.jump ( )


( )8.Did he ______ his room yesterday?

七、读句子,选择相应的图画,把编号写在括号里。(10分) A B. C. D E.


A. cleaned B. cleaning C. clean

十、根据对话内容和上下文的提示,选出正确的句子,把其编号写在横线上, 使对话通顺、合理。(5分)

1. ( ) They planted trees last year. 2. ( )She wants to be a nurse. Girl: What are you doing, mom? 3. ( ) I painted pictures yesterday. 4. ( )My friend can cook. Mom: _________.What would you like to eat? 5. ( ) He called his friend yesterday. 6. ( )His birthday is in June

Girl: I’d like some chicken. _______________

7. ( ).We visited my grandparents last Saturday. 8.( )I help an old woman yesterday.

Mom: Yes. We don’9. ( )My friend used the computer last night. 10. ( ) It was windy and cold.


( )1.January is the first month of a year. Mom: The grocery store near our house.

十一、阅读理解(15分) ( )2. May 1st is Children’s Day.

( )3.Winter holiday is after May.

( )4.It’s sunny and hot in summer in Taishan. ( )5.Eating too much tofu is good for us. ( )6..We often cut meat with scissors. 九、选择最佳选项,把编号写在括号里。(8分)

( )1.Did he go to the park ___ his friend last Saturday? A. and B. with C. for

( )2.Whose book is this ? I t’s _____.

A. Ben B. Bens C. Ben’s ( )3.My father’ sister is my ________ A. aunt B. uncle C. mother

( )4.What does your father do ? He’s an ______ A. teacher B. office worker C. doctor ( )5.Do you have ______ glue? A. some B. a C. any

( )6.He is too fat . He needs some _______. A. vegetables B. meat C. ice-cream ( )7.Spring comes ______ summer.

A.in B. before C. after


There are four seasons in a year. Spring is the first season of the year. Spring is green. It’s warm. Sometimes it is rainy. Summer comes after spring. It’s very hot. We can go swimming and eat ice cream. The days are long and the nights are short. Fall is the havest season. Fall is yellow. It’s windy and cool. We often fly kites in fall. Winter is the last season of a year and it’s white . The days are short and the nights are long. It’s cold. In the north, people can make snowmen. It’s fun.

(一)根据短文内容或常识选择正确的答案,把编号写在括号里。(4分) ( ) 1. There are four ______ in a year. A. seasons B. months C. days. ( ) 2.The leaves are _______ in spring. A. yellow. B. green C. red ( ) 3. The days are _____ in winter. A. long B. short C. warm ( ) 4. We ______ make a snowman in Taishan. A. can B. can’t C. aren’t (二)在文中找出三对意义相反或相对的词。(3分)

1._______ and ________ 2. _______ and___________ 3. ________ and _______ (三)根据短文内容填空,每空一词。每个单词第一个字母已给出。(8分) 2.We can go s_________ in summer make s__________ in winter in the n_______.


Kate: Did you play at school?

Jack; No, we played in Ben’s park. The park is very big and beautiful. Q:7. What did Kate do last Saturday? 8. What did Jack do last Saturday? 9.Where was Jack last Saturday afternoon? 10. Did Jack play with his father?


(测试时间:60分钟 满分100分)



1.rainy 2. tape 3.fifty 4.Mar 11th 5. volleyball 6.calendar 7socks 8.weather 9.It’s windy. 10. What do you read?




(一)听音,根据听到的内容给下列图画标号。每小题读两遍。 (5分)

I have some paper clips 2. She needs a pair of new glasses 3. Do you have any staples? 4. I need some juice. 5. Do you have a pair of scissors?

(二)听句子辨单词排序。每个句子含有下面的其中一个单词,按照提到的顺 序在单词后面的括号里标号。每小题读两遍。(5分)

1.Teachers’sDay is in September. 2.He likes badminton. 3. Do you have any vegetables? 4. I need a dictionary. 5. What did you do yesterday?

三、听句子,判断下列单词是否在句子中出现。有出现的,请在单词后面的括号 里打√,否则打×。每小题读两遍。(10分)

1. It was windy last night. 2. My favorite food is noodles.

3. Put the stamp on the envelope. 4.Did you clean the classroom this morning?

5. We are going to have a party this Sunday. 6. There are thirteen books in my bag. . 7.Today is my birthday. 8.March 8th is Women’s Day.

9.Winter holiday is in January and February. 10.. They were on the floor. 四、第1至第6小题,听问句,选答语,把编号写在括号里;每小题读两遍。(10分)

1.What’s the weather like in Taishan in summer? 2.When’s National Day? 3.Do you need any sugar?

4.What did you do yesterday, Amy? 5.How many months are there in a year? 6.What does your uncle do?


Jack: Hi! Kate, what did you do last Saturday?

Kate: I practice the piano at home. What about you , Jack? Jack: I played badminton In the afternoon. Kate: Who did you play with? Jack; I played with Ben.


1. listened 2. button 3. house 4. parrot 5.toad 6. coin

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