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六年级下英语期中检测题 2014.4.30



1、( ) A .tail B. tall C. talk 2、( ) A. watch B. wash C.wear 3、( ) A. 30cm B.13cm C.33cm 4、( ) A. fly B. flew C. friend 5、( ) A. angry B. happy C.hooray

二、听音,选择正确答案的序号填在题前括号内。(10分) ( )1、What‘s the matter with Sarah ?

A、 She has a toothache. B、 She has a cold. C、 Her leg hurts. ( ) 2、What does the boy feel ?

A、He failed the math test. B、He‘s bored . C、He’s happy . ( ) 3、how did you go to Harbin ?

A、 I went there by train . B、I went there by plane . C、 I went there by ship . ( ) 4、 How heavy is Yao Ming ?

A、 He is 125kg . B、 He is 135kg . C、 He is 74kg . ( ) 5 、What did John do last weekend ? A、 He visited grandparents with his mom . B、 He went hiking with his friends . C、 John bought presents for his brother . 三、听短文,填空。(10分)

with . Mike‘s team won the game . They were_________________ . Then they ________________ together.



( )1. A. early B. hear C. dear D. really ( )2. A. forty B. sports C. world D. morning ( )3. A. stand B. map C. catch D. game ( )4. A. fly B. try C. every D. why ( )5. A. book B. food C. zoo D. afternoon


1. 写出过去式

watch________ do ______ read _______ fly______ go______ 2.写出比较级

big ______ heavy ______ short _____ thin______ 六、英汉互译。(10分)

1、上周末 6、wash 2、去游泳 7、visit grandparents 3、去钓鱼

8、listen to music 4、去郊游 9、play football 5、看电视 10、go to the park 七、单项选择。(28分)

( )1、-Did you help me clean my room ?

-Yes , I .

A、did B、do C、does

( )2 -What did Lisa do yesterday?

-She to music .

A、listens B、listen C、listened

( )3.----Sam is 160cm tall. Ted is 10cm shorter than him.

How tall is Ted?

A. 150cm B. 160cm C. 170cm

( )4.----_______did you go on your holiday?

- ---Shanghai.

A. What B. Where C. How ( )5、-What did you do last weekend?

-I TV.

A、saw B、looked at C、watched

( )6. ----How are you, Mike? You look so________. ----It's raining outside. I can't play football.

A. happy B. excited C. sad

( )7、He into the lake it.

A、jumped, swimed B、jump, swam C、jumped, swam ( )8.----What's the matter?

----My leg _____. A. hurts B. sore C. is hurts

( )9、Did John football yesterday?

A、play B、played C、plaied ( )10、They last weekend .

A、read B、readed C、look

( )11、Did you play football A、with B、 and C、to

( )12、_______you are seek, see the doctor. A. Because B. If C. Now

( )13.----Did you ______ pictures yesterday?

A. take B. took C. taking ( )14、Lisa her homework after lunch.

A、does B、do C、did 八、完成句子(8分)

1、How tall are you?(根据实际情况回答)

2、What did you do last weekend? (根据实际情况回答) 3、Did you help your mother clean the room?(肯定回答) 4、year one younger I you am than (.) (连词成句) 九、阅读判断。(5分)

Today is Saturday. It's fine. My parents and I go to the zoo.

First, we come to see the monkeys. Look at those monkeys! Some are playing with each other, some are swinging on the trees, some are making faces, and some are eating bananas. Then we go to see the peacocks(孔雀). How beautiful they are! They have long tails and small mouths. They are all wearing colorful clothes. They look like pretty princesses(公主). They are dancing together happily.

At last, we come to see a very big animal. It has a long nose and two big ears. Its ears look like two big fans. What is it? Ha-ha, it's an elephant. It's very friendly. My father takes a photo for it.

Today, I am very happy because I have seen many lovely animals. I hope people can get along well(与……友好相处) with the animals forever.

1. I go to the zoo with my dad and mum. ( ) 2. The monkeys are playing, swinging and dancing. ( ) 3. The peacocks are beautiful. ( ) 4. The elephant has a long nose and two big eyes. ( ) 5. We should love animals. ( )

十. 英语写作:(5分)


My last weekend

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