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六 年级第四单元

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watch TV watched TV wash clothes washed clothes clean the room cleaned the room play football played football visit grandparents visited grandparents go to a park went to a park go swimming went swimming go fishing went fishing go hiking went hiking read a book read a book am,is was go went fly flew see saw read read

learn Chinese learned Chinese sing and dance sang and danced eat good food ate good food take pictures took pictures climb a mountains climbed a mountains

What did you do yesterday?/last weekend?/on your holiday?
I _____(过去式)…… What did _____ do yesterday?/last weekend?/on your holiday? He _____(过去式)…… Did you ______(原形)yesterday?/last weekend?/on your holiday? Yes, I did. No, I didn’t.

I went to Xinjiang last year. I went to a park last weekend.

I went to a city of China two years ago.
Use : Did you go to Zhejiang?/………. Yes, I did. No, I didn’t.

开头:I was busy on my holiday. A: Where did you go on your holiday? B: I went to ____________. A: What did you do there? / / B:I ____(过去式)……. watched TV A: How did you go there? washed clothes B: I went to _____ by______. cleaned the room

结尾:I was happy on my I like my holiday.

played football visited grandparents went to a park holiday. went swimming went hiking went fishing read a book learned Chinese sang and danced ate good food took pictures climbed a mountains

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