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牛津英语四年级上册期末测试卷 Name:_____________

Listening Part听力部分

一、Listen and choose.选出你所听到的内容,将序号A或B或C填在括号里。

( ) 1、A.here B.hair C.hear

( ) 2、A.bear B.pear C.ear

( ) 3、A.mouth B.mice C.mouse

( ) 4、A.they B.their C.there

( ) 5、A.book B.books C.box

( ) 6、A.flour B.flower C.sour

( ) 7、A.glue B.blue C.balloon

( ) 8、A.pig B.big C.dig

( ) 9、A.sugar B.super C.supper

( ) 10、A.much B.many C.any

二、Listen and choose.听句子,选择正确的应答句.

1、( ) A.It’s her kite. B.It’s his car.

2、( ) A.He’s my father. B.He’s a dentist.

3、( ) A.I am five. B.I’m fine.

4、( ) A.Six apples. B.Six yuan.

5、( ) A.It’s in the cage. B.They are in the cage.

6、( ) A.There is one. B.They are teachers.

7、( ) A.Yes,they like meat. B.They like meat.

8、( ) A.No,it’s Mary’s cat. B.No,it’s May’s cat.

9、( ) A.She is my mother. B.She is a nurse.

10、( ) A.Yes,it’s your bicycle. B.Yes,it’s my bicycle.

三、Listen and complete.听,完成下列句子。

The children want to have a 1 in the park. Now they are in the 2 .They have got some 3 ,some 4 ,some juice and some bread.They have got some 5 ,too. Kitty has got a 6 .She wants to 7 in the park.Eddie has got a 8 .He likes taking pictures.Ben has got a 9 of 10 . They think they will be happy in the park.

Writing Part笔试部分

一、Choose the correct answer.选择题。

( )1.This is my kite.That’s_________kite.

A. he B. you C.your

( )2. Look,_______car is it?

A. who B.whose C.what

( )3.Your book is on the desk._______is my book?

A. Whose B.Where C.What

( )4.How many_________are there in the plant house?



A. flowers B.flour C.flower

( )5. Here are some_________.

A. jam B.biscuit C.crisps

( )6. --How_________hoops are there? --There_________one.

A.much...is B. many...are C.many...is

( )7.Ben_________dogs.

A.doesn’t like B.don’t like C.doesn’t likes

( )8. Horses_______hay.

A.like B.likes C.don’t

( )9.They have got three_______of_______.

A. boxes...milks B.box...milk C.boxes...milk

( )10._________Kitty like red apples? --Yes,she_______.

A. Does...does B.Does...do C.Do...does

( )11. Miss Fang_________got a pair of sunglasses.

A. have B.has C.is

( )12. What_________your father?

A.does B. do C.is

( )13.What_________Peter and Danny got?

A. have B.has C.do

( )14. Mr. MacDonald is_________the farm.

A. in B.at C.on

( )15.Can I play________in the classroom?

A.the football B. a football C.football

( )16. --_________. --That’s all right.

A. Hello! B.I’m sorry. C.How are you?

( )17. --My friend has got short hair. --She is Alice.

B.whose B. who C.how

( )18.This is_________sketch-book.

A. Ben and Kitty’s B.Bens C.Ben and Kitty

( )19. --Where_________the ducks? --_________in the pond.

A.are...They’re B.is...They’re C.are...There are

( )20.________roots are short.



B.It B. It’s C.Its

二、Look and write. 按要求写单词。

1.brave(反义词)_________________ 2.full(反义词)_________________

3.small(反义词)_________________ 4.heart(同音词)_________________

5.right(同音词)_________________ 6.flower(同音词)_________________

7.their(同音词)_________________ 8.waitress(复数)_________________

9.water(复数)_________________ 10.leaf(复数)_________________

三、Read and answer.按实际情况回答下列问题。

1、What does your father do?


2、What shape is your pencil-box?


3、Do you like skateboards?


4、Where is your rubber?


5、What colour is your hair?


6、How many friends have you got?


7、What can you do?


8、How much is your bag?


9、How do you feel now?


10、How old are you?



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