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Unit 2 My Favourite Season



田 青

A: What’s your favourite season? B: _________. A: Why do you like ___? B: Because I can _____.

make a snowman, fly kites, skate,
eat ice-cream, cool, warm and windy,

cold, colourful leaves, plant trees, play in the snow, hot, swim in the sea

warm and windy
fly kites

plant trees

hot eat ice-cream

swim in the sea

colourful leaves

cold skate play in the snow make a snowman

Season Month Spring Summer City

Fall Winter

Beijing Sydney

make a snowman

swim in the sea

fly kites

eat mooncakes

( )1. Which season do you like _______? A. best B. good C. well ( )2. —What is the ________like? —It’s sunny. A. season B. time C. weather ( )3. Summer is good.____ I like fall best. A. And B. Then C. But ( )4.— Do you like ________? —No. It is too hot. A. winter B. spring C. summer ( )5. I like to play _____ the snow . A. at B. in C. from

Ⅲ . Hi, I am Sally. I live in Sanya. There are four
seasons here, spring, summer, fall and winter. I like winter best. It is not so hot as summer, it’s never cold in winter. I can go swimming in the sea. I like swimming very much. When winter vacation comes, I often go to the beach with my friends and we always have a good time. Although it is winter, there are also many kinds of delicious fruit. such as mango and so on . I like this season. I don’t like spring. In spring , it always rains. I don’t like rainy days.

1. Where does Sally live? ___________________________ 2. Does Sally like summer? ___________________________ 3. What’s Sally’s favourite season? ___________________________ 4. Why doesn’t Sally like spring? ___________________________

(1)Listen to and repeat “Let’s talk”.
(2)Make a dialogue with your parents about their favourite seasons.

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