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The city mouse and the country mouse

一、Teaching aims:

Knowledge aims:

1. to enable Ss to understand the meaning of new words and phrases.

2. to help Ss learn better about the past tense.

3. to make Ss realize the differences between the country mouse and the city mouse.

Ability aims:

1.to develop Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking.

2.to train Ss’ abilities of using reading skills to find out the information they need quickly.

Emotion aims:

to lead Ss to understand the importance of happiness.

二、Key and difficult points

1.to make Ss realize the differences between the country mouse and the city mouse.

2.to train Ss’ abilities of using reading skills to find out the information they need quickly.

三、Teaching procedures

Step one: Pre- reading

Watch and number: Hello, boys and girls . I’m new here.

First ,I’ll introduce myself. My name is Xu Mei. I’m 33 years old. My favorite color is blue. I like agoing shopping and keeping animals. Look, this is my pet,its name is Bobby. Would you like to introduce yourself ?Ok. You know I like keeping animals. Here are I some riddles about the animals . Who can share it with us ?

1. I have long ears. My eyes are red. I like carrots. I like running and jumping.Who am I?

2. I often go to bed in the daytime, and work at night. I like eating fish and catching mice. Who am I?

3. I am small and grey. Usually I work in the evening.I like rice. I’m afraid of cats. Who am I ?

Step two: While- reading

Did you read any stories about the mouse? Yes, 《Tom and Jerry》Look at the two mice. Do you know them ?(贴两只老鼠的图片)This class let’s read the interesting story.(贴题目) The city mouse and the country mouse were old friends.( Put the the heart on the blackboard) Here are some pictures about them .Can you put them in the correct orders?Now let’s watch the cartoon. The two mice met in the field. The country mouse invited the city mouse to visit this house.

Paragraph 1:

Skim the first paragraph and find out:

What did the country mouse say ? Then the city mouse

went.Did the city mouse like living in the country?Why? Can you imagine the food and the house of the country mouse ? Let’s play a game. If the country mouse ate the food , you should say ‘Bingo’. Or you should say ‘bomb’.

So we think the country mouse ate some corns, beans and nuts . Was its food good or bad ?How about the house of the country mouse ?It lived in the hole.(Teach: hole )So it was poor. Do you understand this word? I had no money ,so I was poor. Scan the first paragraph again

The country mouse was so poor. So the city mouse gave it some advice. Scan the first passage and find the advice. The city mouse did n’t like the life of the country mouse. Now ,work in pairs, read the dialogues between the city mouse and the country mouse with the emotion of dislike.

Paragraph 2

The country mouse’s food was not good, and the house was not good. So it decided to go to the city mouse’s house. Listen and answer:

How was the city mouse’s food and house?Let’s listen. The city mouse food was nice .And the house was good. So it was rich.

It was so rich. Why did the city mouse cry ? What did it cry ? Can you guess? The city mouse cried :…… Who can read with the pronunciation of cry ? There was a cat coming. So they ran away and hid. The cat was coming, so the two mice were afraid. Let’s dub for them with the feeling of afraid. Step four: Read and fill in the blanks.

Let’s read the whole story ,and fill in the blanks.

Step three :Post-reading

This story is very interesting . Let’s make a dialogue for it.. If you can act this dialogue ,you’ll get one star. If you can act with feelings, you’ll get two stars. If you can add your own words, you’ll get three stars.I like living in the country. Because there are lots of trees, flowers and rivers. I can fish. And the air is fresh. While, the city for us is also important. We can watch films. And there are big shopping centers. The traffic is very convenient.


1.Read the whole and try to retell it.

2.Work in groups and try to act it perfectly..

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