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1.send an email发电子邮件 2.a computer message电脑信息

3.go from one computer to another computer从一台电脑发/传到另一台电脑

4.send sth. to sb.把...发给某人 5.That`s a good idea!这是个好主意!

6.click on“Email”点击“电子邮件” 7.put on the wall贴/挂在墙上

8.an email from....一封来自....的电子邮件 9.at seven o`clock在七点钟

10.Thank you for.....为...而感谢 11.It was a surprise.这是一个惊喜。

12.work very hard非常努力工作 13.at the office在办公室

14.be very busy非常忙 15.see you later再见/以后见

16.at school在学校 17.on the train在火车上

18.lots of=alot of许多 19.an English word一个英语单词

20.stand up起立 21.write...on the blackboard把...写在黑板上


( ( ( ( ( )5.A (

( (

( ( 二、选择题:(20分)

( )1. What’s ______ email? A. an B. a C. the

( )2. Let’s send a letter _______ Dad. A on B. in C. to

( )3. Thank you ______ your email. A. for B. to C. from

( )4. I am working very hard _____ the office. A. in B. at C. be

( )5. The message will go to Dad’s computer _____ work. A. in B. at C. To

( )6.It goes ___one computer ___another computer . A. from to B. in for C. to in

( ).7.Let’s ____ an mail to Dad . A. go B. send C. sending

( )8.I’ve got an email ____litlle Tom . A. from B. to C.does

( )9.I will ___home at seven o’clock . A. am B. is C. be

( )10.How ___make a poster?. A. at B. in C. to


( )1. Where is Shandong? A. Of course. Here you are.

( )2. Can I see them? B. In July.

( )3. Are you OK, Lingling? C. I bought some vegetables and milk.

( )4. What did you buy in the supermarket, Mum? D. Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.

( )5. When did you go to Jinan? E. In the east of China.

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