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一 `判断对错

This is a mitten.______ 2.

He’s eating bread._____

二`填入所缺字母。 1. g _ _d 2. _ac_et

3. stapl_ _ 4. t_p_


sh_ _t 7. 8.


1`____ is the pen? The book is on the book A. What B. Where C. Who

2.Where____ Summer ? In the box. A. is B. am C. are

3. What color is it? It’s A. a book B. big C. blue

4.________is he? He’s my teacher. A. Who B. What C. Where

5.Where is the pencil?_____ A. It’s dark blue. B. It’s under the book. C. It’s a pencil.

6. What can you do? I can ____ A. swim B. skiing C. skating

7.What are you doing? A. I’m singing B. She’s drawing C. He’s riding a bike

8.What’s your name? A. I’m Tom B. Hello! C. Bye.

9.Who’s he? ___is my brother! A. He B. She C.I

11.It is

12.I like _____. A. I B.It C.They A a B.an C./ A.cake B. bread

C. candy

四`填空 (反义词) Eg: boy←→

1. new ←→________ 2.clean←→________ 3.long←→________

4. little←→________ 5.black←→________ 6.open←→________

7. take out←→____________ 8.take off←→ ________

五 写汉字

pink purple red blue green brown orange yellow black white

六 选择正确的答案写在横线上。

1. I don’t like tea. It’s _______. (yummy, yucky)

2. Can I have a ________, please? (glasses, cup)

3. Do you like _______ ?Yes, I do. ( a milk, milk )

4. I like chicken. It’s ________.(yummy, yucky)

5. I can _______. (swim, singing, seasaw) I can’t_____.(skate, skiing, seesaw)

6. Can you ________? (riding, ride a bike)

7. 3. Can you skate? ________ ______. ( Yes, I do. Yes, I can. Yes, it is.)

8. Do you like juice?____________.(No, I can’t. No, it isn’t. No, I don’t.)

七 我是设计师 (请你将下列物品连到各个房间吧!)

八 能力测试 (选出正确词组)

1`It’s dark(黑的). Let’s _________the light. 2`I’m going to bed. Please _________ the light. 3`It’s a sunny day. ___________your jacket.__________ your cap.

九 圈出正确的单词

1. / j / ( yes, candy) 2./ ks /

3./ d? / 4./ kw / 5./ ? / 6./ k / 7./ w / 8./ ? /

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