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重点单词: ice cream, food, cheese, juice, wheel, postcard, mountain , line


shopping list 购物单 the British Museum 大英博物馆 the London Eye 伦敦眼 the Great wall 长城

on the desk 在书桌上 in the bag 在包里

in the morning 在早上 at the weekend 在周末 in the park 在公园 last Sunday 上周日 come back 回来 hurry up 赶快

by bus 乘公共汽车 take a photo 照相

give out 分发 be careful 小心

make a list 列清单 how much 多少(不可数名词) how many 多少(可数名词) what about… …… 怎么样 not enough 不够 too many 太多


1. Be careful! 小心!

2. ---I’m sorry. 对不起。

-----That’s okay. 没关系。

3. Don’t argue! What’s the matter? 别吵了!发生什么事情了?

4. --- How are you? 你好吗?

---- I’m fine, thank you. 我很好,谢谢。

5. --- When did you come back? 你们是什么时候回来的? --- We came back last Sunday. 我们是上周日回来的。

6. --- Did they buy ice creams? 他们买冰激凌了吗?

---- Yes, they did. / No, they didn’t. 是的。/ 不是。

7. --- How many bananas do you want? 你想要多少香蕉? ---- Six, please. 请来六根。

8. --- Do you like cheese, Lingling? 玲玲,你喜欢奶酪吗?

----- No, I don’t. I like noodles. 不,我不喜欢。我喜欢面条。

9. --- How much milk do you want? 你想要多少牛奶?

---- Five bottles, please. 请来五瓶。

10. ---- What did you do at the weekend? 你们周末做了什么? ---- We visited lots of places. 我们参观了许多地方。

11. --- Where did you go? 你们去了哪里?

---- We went to the British Museum. 我们去了大英博物馆。

12. --- What did Daming do? 大明做了什么?

--- He took a photo of his father. 他给他的爸爸拍了张照片。

13. --- Did you wash Lingling’s T-shirt? 你洗了玲玲的T恤衫吗? --- No, I didn’t. 不,我没有。

14. --- Whose bag is this? 这是谁的包?

----- It’s Lingling’s bag. 它是玲玲的包。

注:其他的重点句是每课的课文标题和P art 2 Listen and Say.

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