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Unit 3 Part A Let's talk

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Unit 3 My Birthday
Part A Let's talk

Sharp eyes

Oh,my birthday is coming!

I will give you the birthday gift,but you need to finish the tasks!我会送 你生日礼物,但是你 要完成我的任务哦!

1 2 3




Task 1

Listen and judge √/×

? ( √ )1.Amy's birthday is in February. ? ( × )2.Mike's birthday is in February,too. ? ( √ )3.Zhang Peng's birthday is in October.

Task 2

Make a birthday chart
Name: Birthday(Months):

Task 3

Sharp eyes

Task 4

Listen and answer

? 1.When is Amy's birthday?

Her birthday is in February. ? ? 2.When is her mother's birthday?
Her mother's birthday is in March. ? ? 3.When is her father's birthday?




Her father's birthday is in June.


Task 5

Make a dialogue

I My mother My father My brother

October June November January

My partner(伙伴)


Task 6
January February March April May June July August September October November December

Tree-planting Day New Year's Day Children's Day Army Day National Day Christmas Day

Army Day

中国人民解 放军建军纪念日, 俗称“八一”建 军节、中国人民 解放军建军节。

National Day

国庆节, 也称国庆日、 国庆纪念日。 在中国,国庆 节特指中华人 民共和国正式 宣告成立的10 月1日。

Homework: Make a birthday chart for your family. Family members:
My father My mother My uncle My grandmother ……


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