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一、Translate between Chinese and English.

1.垒球________ 2.侄子\外甥__________ 3.单身___________ 4.举重___________

5.瑜伽_________ 6.健身迷_____________ 7.aerobics__________ 8.work out________

9.sister-in-law__________ 10.treadmill__________11.abroad_________ 12.couch potato_______

二、Complete the sentences.

1.My sister and sister ____________(stay) with me right now, we _________ (live) in China now.

2.Jason's uncle______________(travel) in South America these days.He ________ (enjoy)the trip.

3.No one _____ (have) money in Mike's family, so they ___________ (find) jobs now.

4.Jack________ (exercise) everyday, and he_____ (go) jogging three times a week.

5.Linda______ (spend) half an hour ______ (clean) the room and ______(do) homework.

6.My classmates ______ good at _______ (play) soccer, but a few _______ (student) don't like it.

7.(1) He does aerobics. ( hardly ever) (2) I go out with friends. ( once a week)

(3) I don't exercise.(very often) (4) _____ weight training. _____ bicycling._______ aerobics.

三、Complete the sentences.

1.A:________________________________? B:Yes, they are. They are living in New York city.

2.A:________________________________? B:We are studying Japanese this summer. 5.A:________________________________? B:Yes, he sometimes plays baseball on weekends.

6.A:________________________________? B:She plays tennis three times a week.

7.A:________________________________? B:He spends two hours at office.

8.A:________________________________? B:He plays chess pretty well.

9.A:_________________________at sports? B: pretty good.

四. Rewrite these sentences. Find another way to say each sentence.

1.Philip tries to keep fit.→ ___________________________________(stay in shape).

2.I go jogging with my wife all the time.→_________________________(always).

3.My wife's father is a painter.→______________________________ (father-in-law).

4.How good are you at tennis?→______________________________ (play).

五.Arrange these words to make sentences.

1.almost we at gym the always do aerobics Sundays on.


2.ever Lily do housework with mother her does.


3.never watch girls almost match football.


4.good he is playing at computer games how .


六.Find the mistake in each sentence and then correct it.

1.Jimmy is go shopping with his mother now.____ 2.Lucy goes exercises everyday.______

3.we never stay up at weeknights._______ 4.Alice plays guitar twice a day._______

5.Jim spends an hour draw pictures.______6.No one are doing homework now.____

7.All boy like playing basketball._______ 8.I get up early always. _______

9.How well does he play soccer? Pretty good. _______


I go to school from Monday to Friday.We have four in the morning and two in the afternoon.We have to do after classMonday and Thursday afternoon we sports.On Tuesday afternoon of us have singing class.And on Thursday afternoon some have a class.On Friday afternoon we practice English. with me in English.They think I am like an English teacher.Isn't it great? On Saturdays and Sundays I don't go to school.Very often I go to the parks and have a good time my family there. ( )1.A.classes B.lesson C.class


( )2.A.anything B.any things C.many thing D.many things ( )3.A.To ( )4.A.has ( )5.A.any ( )6.A.a ( )7.A.draw ( )8.A.speak ( )9.A.talk ( )10.A.for

B.In B.have B.one B.an B.draws B.speaks B.talks B.with



C.having D.to have C.some C.the

D.the other one D.some

C.to draw D.drawing C.speaking D.to speak C.to talk C.at

D.talking D.In

Jane is a nice girl. She lives in London. She studies(学习)in a middle school. She gets up at six every day. She likes reading English. She’s a bright girl. She draws pictures well. After school, she often reads newspapers with her grandmother. At seven o’clock in the evening. Jane has supper(晚饭)at home. Every day at eight she does her homework and goes to bed at nine.

( )1. Jane lives in ______. 2. What does Jane like to do? ______. A. England. B. New York C. Paris D. China A. She likes reading story-books. ( )3. She is a _________ girl. B. She likes drawing big pictures A. nice B. clever C. She likes reading Chinese. C. tall D. nice and bright D. She likes learning English.

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