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What are you doing? I’m doing the dishes. What are you doing?

I’m drawing pictures. What are you doing?
I’m reading a book. What are you doing?

I’m cooking dinner. What are you doing?

I’m answering the phone.

read ing a book cooking dinner drawing pictures answering the phone

doing the dishes

draw pictures do the dishes cook dinner read a book
answer the phone

V.+ ing
drawing pictures doing the dishes cooking dinner reading a book
answering the phone

play football

playing football

Let’s try
What are they doing? The first picture: John is watching TV The second picture: John is eating dinner The third picture: sarah is doing the dishes The fourth picture: John is reading a book

The fifth picture: Sarah is doing homework

Let’s talk

Amy: Hello.
Chen: Hi, Amy. It’s Chen Jie. ( =This is Chen Jie.) Amy: Hi, Chen Jie. What are you doing? Chen: I’m drawing pictures. What are you doing? Amy: I’m reading a book.


1、Read this talk three times 读三遍次对 话对话

2、Write down the talk one time on your exercise book 在抄写本上抄写一遍
3、Recite it 背诵此对话

1、--What do you do on the weekend? --I usually________. 2、--What are you doing? --I am ___ . What are you doing? --I am ___ .

answering the phone drawing pictures answer the phone draw pictures cooking dinner reading a book cook the meal read books cleaning the bedroom doing the dishes do the dishes clean the bedroom climbing mountains …


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