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2013-2014 Nuopei Primary School

The Second Term New Magic English Test ( Unit 2 ) Class: P4_______________ Marks: _______________________ Name: __________ ( ) Parents’ Signature: _______________

A. Listen and choose. (10%) ( ) 1. A. fly B. frightened C. frighten ( ) 2. A. interesting B. interest C. interested ( ) 3. A. I’m worried. B. He is bored. C. She is tired. ( ) 4. A. anyone B. something C. no one ( ) 5. A. A play is interesting. B. Running is tiring. C. The genie is frightening. B. John is writing an online diary entry. Help him complete it. Circle the

correct words. (16%)

C. Write down the correct form.(6%) -ing -ed disappoint --- _________ --- __________ worry --- _________ --- __________ interest --- _________ --- __________ frighten --- _________ --- __________ surprise --- _________ --- __________ excite --- _________ --- __________

D.You are a member of the Reading Club. A young member Anna wants you to help her complete her short story with the correct adjectives.(18%)

A surprising week

On Sports Day, everyone was 1 e_________. Grace and her classmates tried their best, but they could not win any medals. They were a bit 2 d_________, but they had a good experience.

After the games, Grace and her classmates went home together. They saw a car accident. They were 3 s_________. The driver did not move. Some people were 4 w_________ and they called the police quickly. At night, Grace told her parents about what she saw. She still felt 5 f_________. The next day, Grace didn’t want to get out of her bed in the morning. She was very 6 t_________. That day, Grace had nothing to do at home. She was very 7 b_________. Then her phone rang. It was her best friend Lisa. ‘I have two concert tickets,’ said Lisa. Grace was 8 s_________. ‘Is that true?’ asked Grace. ‘Yes. Would you like to watch the concert with me?’ asked Lisa. Grace was very 9 i_________ in watching the concert with Lisa. ‘Of course!’ answered Grace.

Grace and Lisa went to watch the concert together. The concert was great. ‘ I was so lucky,’ Grace thought.

E. John did many things during the holidays. Look at the pictures. Help him complete the captions with the correct forms of the words.(32%)


2 This concert is ___________. The film is ___________. We are __________. We are ___________.


4 This book is ___________. The marathon is ___________. I am ___________. We are ___________.


6 Kung fu performances are _________. Choral speaking is _________. I feel ___________. I feel ___________.



A dance performance is _________. A magic show is _________. I feel ___________. I feel ___________.

F. You see a crossword puzzle in a magazine. Read the clues and

2 4

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