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2013-2014 Nuopei Primary School

The Second Term New Magic English Test ( Unit 3 ) Class: P4_______________ Marks: _______________________ Name: __________ ( ) Parents’ Signature: _______________

A. Listen and choose.(10%)

( ) 1. A. hotpot B. spring rolls C. cold noodles

( ) 2. A. shrimp dumplings B. pork dumplings C. beef balls

( ) 3. A. chicken’s feet B. barbecue pork buns C. red bean soup

( ) 4. A. either B. too C. neither

( ) 5. A. would B. will C. could

B. Listen and choose.(10%)

( ) 1. A. Yes, I don’t. B. No, I don’t. C. Yes, I am.

( ) 2. A. Yes, I would. B. Yes, I will. C. No, he wouldn’t.

( ) 3. A. He would like to try Peking duck.

B. He would like to visit the flower market.

C. She would like to try Peking duck.

( ) 4. A. She is tall, either. B. I am tall, too. C. He is tall, too.

( ) 5. A. I don’t like beef balls, too.

B. I don’t like beef balls, either.

C. I like beef balls, either.

C. Guess what they like eating.(6%)

1. I usually eat my favourite food in winter. It’s good to eat this with your friends. It makes us feel warm. ______________ 2. My favourite food is a type of dim sum. They’re white on the outside but with a type of seafood inside. They’re small in size. ______________

3. My favourite food is also a type of dim sum. They’re also white on the outside with some meat inside. They’re a little bit sweet but also salty. ______________

D. Jenny is telling her mum what she wants to do next week. Look at her

schedule and complete the sentences.(14%)

on Monday.

2. I _______________________________________ on Tuesday.

3. I _______________________________________ on Wednesday.

4. _____________________________________________________.

5. _____________________________________________________.

D. Leo sees the advertisement in the newspaper. He shows it to his family. Write about what Leo and his family would like to eat.(20%)

1.Leo’s dad would like _______________________, ___________ and ________________(eat).

2.Leo’s mum would ____________________________________ (have).

3. Leo _________________________________________________(try).

4. Cindy ______________________________________________(have). E. Leo and Cindy are in Good Taste Restaurant. Complete their

conversation.(20%) (try)?

Cindy: I 2_________________________(try) spring rolls. They look


Leo: I’d like to try spring rolls, 3__________. Look, Cindy! There are

some beef rolls. They don’t look good. I don’t want to try them.

Cindy: No, they don’t look good. I don’t want to try them,

4_________.5_________________________________(eat), Leo? Leo: I 6______________________(eat) cold noodles. What about you?

Cindy: I’d like to eat cold noodles, 7__________.

Leo: I 8_____________________________(have) some sweet food now. Cindy: 9_______________________________________(have)?

Leo: I 10_______________________________(try) red bean soup. It’s

the best sweet dish in this restaurant.

Cindy: Really? I’d like to try it, 11__________.

G. Composition: You are going to have a buffet dinner this Sunday. Write

a composition about it in about 50 words.(20%)

This Sunday, I’_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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