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六年级英语听力检测题 一、选出你所听到的信息。(10) 1( ) A. four B. call C. fourth 2.( )A get off B get to C get on 3( ) A tell B take C tall 4( ) A. right B.light C .high 5( ) A very B every C hurry 6( ) A fan B friend Cfront 7( ) A east B south C north 8( ) A By plane B By train C By taxi 9( ) A .peak B. beat C. team 10( ) A 13 books B 14 books C 30 books 二、听录音,选择正确的答语。 ()1.A.Yes, there is. B. No, there aren’t ()2.A.He is four. B.He lives on the fourth floor. ()3.A.He is going to the park. B.Next Sunday. ()4.A.On the wall B. It is a wall. ()5.A.She is kind. B.Miss White. 三、听录音,选择你所听到的句子。 ()1.A.Sometimes I go to school by car. B. Sometimes I go to school by bus. ()2.A. I always go to Paris by car. B. I never go to Paris by plane. ()3.A.Yes, I can. B. No, they can’t. ()4.A.She goes home by bike B. He goes home by bike. ()5.A.No, it isn’t. B. No, he isn’t. 四、听短文,根据短文内容,判断所给句子的正(T)误(F)。 ()1. Amy and Chen Jie want to buy some new pens. ()2.The shop is next to the post office. ()3.Amy can take a No.112 bus to the shop. ()4.The shop is on the left of the post office. ()5.Amy can get off the bus at the shop. ()1.It is Saturday morning. ()2. Li Lei is sitting by the lake and reading. ()3.Meimei is running after a nice butterfly. ()4. Meimei doesn’t want to catch the butterfly. ()5. The boys and girls are having a good time. 五、听录音,填上所缺的单词。 A: __________ me ,where is the _________? B: Let me _____. First ,go _______ for ten _________. Then turn_______ at the ______ _______. You’ll see it. A:Thank you _____ ______.

B: You’re ________>

1. How can I _____ ______ the supermarket? On ________. 2. There is a bank ______ ___ pur school. 3. ____ off the bus and then _____ ______ at the cinema. 4.You can go _____ a No.113 bus to the ___________. 5.Please walk _______ for about _______ minutes. 6.Can you tell me the way to the ____ ______.

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