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冀教版三年级英语lesson 14

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Warming up 1:Guess and spell. 2 I do the actions,you guess and say .

Lesson 14 Would You like Some Soup?

DongYing Hengqu Primary School





? Are you hungry, Jenny? ? Yes! I’m very hungry.What’s this ? ? Dumplings.



Guess:What are they talking about?

Let’s chant
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Are you hungry? Yes ,I am. Dumplings and noodles, Yum! Yum! Yum! Are you thirsty? Yes ,I am. Tea and juice, Please! Please !Please!

? ? ? ?

Would you like some dumplings, Jenny? Yes, please. Would you like some soup, Jenny? No ,thanks.

Pair work
? Ask and answer:

? Would you like some…? ? Yes, please./No,thanks.

Let’s practice
? 读句子,选择恰当的答语。

? ? ? ?

()1What’s this ? A.Some apples. ()2Are you hungry ? B.Yes,please. ()3Would like some soup ? C.Yes,I am. ()4What’s on the table ? D.It’s a table.

? 读句子,选择正确的一项。 ? ()1、你饿吗?A. Are you hungry? B.An I hungry? ? ()2、我很饿。A.He is hungry. B. I’m hungry. ? ()3、这是什么?A.What is this? b.What’s it? ? ()4、你想吃些水饺吗?A. I would like some dingpling? B. Would you like some dingpling? ? ()5、你想吃些米饭吗?A Would you like some soup? B. would you like some rice?

What have you learned?
? Words(单词):dumplings, noodles,rice,soup ? Sentences(句子):---Would you like some…?---Yes, please./ No, thanks.---Are you hungry/thirsty?---Yes ,I am. ? Culture(文化礼仪):如何礼貌的接受或 婉拒他人的邀请,餐桌前做个有礼貌的好 孩子。

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