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5B Unit 8 PartB and E 教案

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(2013~2014学年度第二学期) Time

Teaching procedures

Step1 Warm up

T: Do you have any hobbies?

S: Yes, I do. I like……

T: Now, let’s sing a song--《Hobbies》.

Ss: Sing together.

T: What day is it today?

S1: …

T: What do you usually do on Saturdays?

S2: …

T: What do you usually do on Sundays?

S3: …

T: What do you usually do on Saturdays and Sundays?

S4: …

T: What do you usually do at the weekends?

S5: …

Showing the topic: At the weekends

Teach: weekend=Saturday +Sunday

T: What do you usually do at the weekends?

S: …

Step2 Presentation

1.T:You usually …… at the weekends. I usually go to the park at the weekends. Because there are a lot of insects in the park.

Teach: insect catch insects cat watch

2.T: I like in sects. Do you like insects?

S: Yes, we do.

T: Look, there are a lot of insects.

Ss: Yes.

T: Now, learn these words by yourselves.

Ss: Learn.

3.Showing the pictures of the insects:

T: What insect is this? Do you know?

Teaching procedures

S: It’s an ant/ a bee/a grasshopper /a butterfly/a dragonfly/a firefly

4.learn the new words:

(1)an ant

They are small and black, but they can carry big things. Teach: carry big things

T: Do you like ants?

S: Yes, I do.

T: Why?

S: Because they are small, but they can carry big things.

(2)a bee

They are very busy, they fly here and there. They can make honey. Teach: fly here and there

(3)a grasshopper

They can jump up and down in the grass.

Teach: in the grass

(4)a butterfly

They are beautiful. They like dancing in the flowers. Teach: dance in the flowers catch butterflies

(5)a dragonfly

They look like planes. They can fly high.

Teach: catch dragonflies

(6) a firefly

They are very special. They can glow at night.

Teach: special glow at night

At the weekends, I often catch fireflies and put them in bottles. Teach: put ……in bottles

Step3Play a game

1.Say a rhyme


It likes flowers. It can dance in the flowers. (A butterfly) It has long legs. It can jump high. (A grasshopper)

It looks like planes. It can fly high. (A dragonfly)

Teaching Procedures

It is very special. It can glow at night. (A firefly)

3.Today we learned six words about insects. Do you know them now? (showing the cards of words)

T: What insect is this?

T: Who can read for us?

4.Listen to the song:《We know》

Step4 Do a survey

1.What insect does your friend like? Why?

2.T: What insect do you like? Why?

S:I like …Because……

T: How about your friends?

S: He/ She likes…Because……

Step5 Read the passage

T:Let’s meet a new friend. He likes insects, too. He wrote a passage about insects. Please read this passage and answer questions.(showing Part E) Which school does he study?(Teach: primary school))

1.Where does he usually go at the weekends?

2.What insects are there in the park?

3.What does he like to watch?

4.What insect does he like? Why?

5.Read together

Step 6 Homework

1. Read and recite the words, phrases.

2. Familiar with the sentence of the part E

3.Copy the words and phrases 2 times.

4. "My favourite insects" to write a short essay, the next class class exchange.

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