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PEP小学英语四年级上册unit4 partA Let's learn

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I can see a ________. bed

I can see a _____in in the bedroom.

Go to the bedroom.
Have a sleep.



2 I like bathroom____. 3 It’s beautiful/nice/big /small/clean….

Go to the bathroom.
Take a shower.

living room

1.living room


Look!This is a living room. You can see ________.

Read and guess:

It’s a room. It’s big. You can see a window, a computer and a chair. There are many books in it.

It’s a study.

It’s mouse’s study.

It’s dog’s study.


snack Go to the kitchen,have a________.


Hello! Welcome to my home. This is my home.
You can see… a study a bathroom a bedroom a living room a kitchen

Hello! Welcome to my home! This is my home. You can see a…,

I’m typhoon(台风). I’m strong. Brr! Brr!

Amy: Oh,no!

living room

Let me clean the living room.


Let me clean the bedroom .

This is my home.You can see a bedroom, a bathroom,a kitchen ,a study and a living room.

I’m typhoon.I’m strong.Brr!Brr! Oh,no! Amy, let me clean the bedroom/…! Amy, let me clean the study/…! Thank you!

East or west, home is the best.
东好西好,还是家最好。 I love my home.

Homework(作业): 1.课文P46跟读5次。 2. 自己设计一个房子并介绍 给班里其他3个同学听 一听。

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