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Class: _________ Name: __________ Number: __________

Part one Listening

1.Listen and circle.(听录音,圈出你听到的单词) 10′

(1)A.your B. you (2)A. cage B. car (3)A.blue B. brown (4)A. woof B. roof (5)A. draw B. door (6)A. hair B. hear (7)A. sweet B. street (8)A. small B. smell (9)A. taste B. touch (10)A. nice B. nine

2.Listen and choose(听录音,选出相应的答句) 16′

(1)( )A.Danny B.Pink C.A chair (2)( )A.No,it isn’t my pen. B.Yes,it’s your pen C.It’s my pen.

(3)( )A.It’s a dog. B.No,I can’t see the dog. C.No,I can’t hear the dog.

(4)( )A.It’s a pineapple. B.It’s smooth. C.It’s yellow. (5)( )A.Yes,it’s hard. B.It’s hard. C.No it’s hard. (6)( )A.It’s nice. B.It’s sweet. C.It’s a fish. (7)( )A.It’s smooth. B.It’s rough. C.It’s sweet. (8)( )A.I can hear a cat. B.He can hear a cat. C.She can hear a cat.

3.Listen and choose.(听录音,选出听到的句子) 10′

(1)( )A.It’s cold and smooth. B.It’s cold and hard. C.It’s hot and hard.

(2)( )A.Ming can hear an aeroplane. B.Ming can’t hear an aeroplane. C.Ming can hear a telephone. (3)( )A.Draw a circle. B.Cut the circle. C.Colour the circle. (4)( )A.I can see a green desk. B.I can see a blue desk.

C.I can see a black desk.

(5)( )A.Touch the balloon. B.Touch the ball. C.Touch the bag.

4.Listen and judge.(听录音,用“√”或“×”判断划线部分发音是否一致) 4′

(1) see hear ( ) (2)cage cat ( ) (3) smell lemon ( ) (4) can make ( )

Part two Writing

1.Choose the word that does not belong. (选出不同类的词)10′

(1)( )A. nose B. ears C.eyes D.see (2)( )A. I B. it C.my D.you (3)( )A. this B.is C.am D.are (4)( )A.car B.hear C.listen D.see (5)( )A.sweet B.sour C.soft D.feel

(6)( )A.fish B.pineapple C.orange D.strawberry (7)( )A.touch B.close C.nice D.taste (8)( )A.bus B.van C.car D.drill (9)( )A.this B.is C.it D.that (10)( )A.smooth B.taste C.hot D.soft

2.Read and match.(前后搭配,使意思连贯) 10′

(1)I can see with (用) ( ) A.my hand (2)I hear the song with ( ) B.my nose (3)I can smell the flowers with ( ) C.my ears (4)I say ABC with ( ) D.my eyes (5)I touch the apple with ( ) E.my mouth

3.Choose the best answer. (选择最恰当的答案)10′

(1)( )Listen to Dotty.

A.a B.the C./ (2)( )Can you hear ?

A.cat B.cow C.a dog (3)( )How it feel?

A.does B.do C.is

(4)( ) cold?

A.It is B.It’s C.Is it

(5)( )―Can I help you? ― .

A.Three apples,please. B.Yes,I can. C.Thank you.

(6)( )Hello, Alice.

A.this is B.it is C.you are

(7)( ) it. It’s rough.

A.Smell B.Taste C.Touch

(8)( )Look the blackboard and listen the teacher.

A. at…to B.to…at C.at…in

(9)( )Can you hear a dog?No, .

A.he can’t B.I can’t C.I am not

(10)( )---What can you hear? ---I can hear ______.

A. a pen B. a pig C. a flower

(11)( )--- ________is it ?---It’s pink.

A. What colour B. What C. What’s (12)( )Listen ! What can you________?

A. see B. listen C. hear (13)( )What colour is it?

A. It’s orange. B. It’s an orange. C. It’s an orange ball. (14)( )Kitty! Is this ______ cake? A. your B. you C. I (15)( )What can you ______? A flower.

A. look B. hear C. smell 4. 选择正确的词填空。 (1)

isn’t hair can colour small 1. I have a __________ mouth.

2. What __________ you hear? I can hear a drill. 3. Is this your doll? No, it __________. 4. What __________is the elephant? It’s grey. 5. My __________ is brown. (2)

1. Can you see a fly? No, I ___________.(can/can’t) 2. Is this your kite? No, it ___________ my kite. (is/isn’t) 3. The pig has two big ___________.(ears/ear) 4. Is it pink? ________ , it is. (Yes/No) 5. My ________ is long. (pens/pen)

5. Think and write(正确书写下列句子,注意大小写和标点符号)5′

touch this how does it feel

6. Reading 阅读

This is our classroom. You can see desks and chairs. They are yellow. The teacher’s table is brown. It’s big.You can see two doors and six windows in the classroom. They are green. They are clean. Our classroom is big and clean. We like our classroom. ( ) 1. I can see yellow desks and chairs. ( ) 2. The teacher’s table is big and brown.

( ) 3. I can see two windows and six doors in the classroom. ( ) 4. I can see clean windows. ( ) 5. Our classroom is small.

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