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2012-2013第二学期小学六年级模拟试卷一 第一部分 听力理解(共40分)


1. Tom is from America.

2. What animal is it? It is a crab.

3. What is he doing? He is doing housework. 4. That’s a belt.

5. On Sundays I usually listen to the walkman. 6. What’s the matter? His eye hurts.

7. What subject do you like? I like math very


8. What do you often do in winter? I often go

ice skating.

9.The weather is always rainy in winter in Beijing. 10.Who is taller, Mary or Tom? Mary is taller than Tom.

答案: 错误的:3589 正确的题1 2 4 6 7 10


1. I like French fires.

2.What shape is it? It’s a heart.

3.Where is the train station? Turn left. 4. I wash my face in the bathroom.

5.They usually play table tennis at sports center. 6. lily likes art lessons. She is painting now.

7. Do you like these shorts? Yes, I want to buy these shorts. It’s cool.

8. He likes vegetables. He eats beans at lunch every day.

9. What are you going to do ,Ken ? I am going bowling.

10. How can I go to the supermarket? Turn right, please.

答案:83612 4 9 10 5 7 三、听短文,连线。(5分)

Last Sunday my classmates had a busy day. They did many things. Helen went to the supermarket. She bought some food.. Lucy helped her mum did many housework.. She cleaned the room. William and Jackson had a sports game. They ran in the running race. William ran very fast. He was the first. So he got a prize. But Jackson fall down on the track. His arm hurts. What a shame! Jack didn’t join the game. He went to the movie theater. He saw a movie. He felt


答案:Helen:去超市, Lucy:打扫房间,William:赢奖杯,Jackson:手臂伤,Jack: 看电影。


听对话,完成1—4小题。 A: hi, Sam. B: Hi, Peter!

A: Do you like playing games?

B: Yes, I like playing games very much. A: What games do you like to play? B: I like to play tennis and basketball. A: Who do you often play with?

B: I often play with tennis my best friend Tim. A: When and where do you often play ?

B:I often play it at Sports Center on weekends.

答案:A CCB


A: Hi Charlie. Look at the beautiful sweater. Do you like this style?

B: Yes, It’s so cool. I like this style. How much does this cost?

A: It costs ninety nine yuan. Do you want to buy it? B: Yes, I will buy it.

A: What color do you like? Blue or brown?

B: I like blue. But the blue one is so big. I will buy the brown one.

A: OK. The brown one for you . B: Thank you. Let’s pay for it. 答案: A B C


A: Hello. This is Daniel speaking. B: Hi, It’s Lucy here.

A: It’s a fine day. Shall we work out at the gym together?

B: That’s a good idea, A: Where shall we meet? B: Let’s meet at Sports Center 五、听短文,补充信息。(5分)

Hello, I’m Henry(亨利) h-e-n-r-y。I’m a


Canadian boy. I am from Canada. I like singing. I can sing very well. I like learning ,too. My favorite subject is math. I go to school from Monday to Friday. My favorite food is chicken. My mother always cook chicken for me. Do you want to make friends with me? My telephone No. is 89376435

答案:Henry Canada singing chicken 6435










1.没标注评分标准的各题每小题1分。遇到单词或句子抄写问题,每处扣0.5分。 (包括:首字母,间隔,占格,标点等)


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