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5B 英语补充练习 M1U4

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5B 英语补充练习 M1U4

Class______________ Name_______________ No.______________

一.按要求改句子: 划线提问)

2. How is the weather in Shanghai? (换另一种表达)

3. Jack puts the goose down. (改否定句)

4. I can speak with my mouth. I can eat with my mouth. (合并句子) 划线提问)

6. Alice walks in the street. (一般疑问句)

7. There are many toys in her room. (用What提问)

8. The baby is asleep. (改成复数)


1.Does Tom like playing chess? (否定句)

2. Those are engineers. (单数句)

3. We are going to have a dancing match next week. (划线提问)

4. Mr Wu can drive a car. (who)

5. I want to have some noodles. (what)

6. Please post this letter to Hansen. (否定句)

7.What’s the weather like today? (换另一种表达)

8. Jane gets up at 6:15 every morning. (一般疑问句)


1.Whose are these soft cushions? (改成单数)

2.There is a hospital in front of our school. (用behind 改写,意思不变)

3.I like this jacket. I like that jacket, too. (用both 将两句并成一句)

4.I walk to school every day. (意思不变) 划线提问)

6. They can hear the ambulance. (划线提问)

7. Danny likes this toy rabbit. (一般疑问句)



1.Are these drinks the same? No, they’re ______________.

2. Peter, is this your book? No, it’s not ___________. It’s _____________.

3. I hear with my ears. I _______ with my hands. I taste with my ________________.

4. The Smiths are not rich. They are _______________.

5. Look, the hen is ____________ eggs.

6. The hat is on my head. The mask is ____________ my face.

7. We can see pandas, zebras, _____________ and ___________ in the zoo.

8. Be____________! Your bell is too_____________ . My brother is sleeping.

9. A durian doesn’t _______________ nice but it ____________ nice.

10. _______________ skateboard is this? It’s hers.

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