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The most bautifu I flower

There was a time when l had some difficulties l was deeply moved. The boy couldn't we. but

in my life. I felt depressed and frowned all day in his imagination, the world was beautiful. When I long- Nobody COUId ch66!? me up. saw withering petals, he “saw” a beautiful ?ower.

One day I went to the park for a rest. There was Perhaps he was the one who had true sight in his an empty bench and I sat down. To my surprise, a hean, while I had been blind for all those times. I ? young boy came around. He looked tired from failed to appreciate the bright side of life.

playing. He stood in front of me and said with great I held the ?ower up to my nose and took a deep excitement, “Look what I have found!” I looked breath. I smelled the fragrance (%i*) of it. It was ' ,

down and saw a small ?ower lying in his hands. It indeed the most beautiful ?ower. 5

, was a withering ?ower. Its petals (15%) were dry. I Q?. Wordcounk3t28. thought to myself, “What a pitiful dead ?ower— V _ 2

just like my depressing life!” I wanted him to go f 5.,? _- u I I? away, so I faked a smile and then turned my back. l,“ it??? ' g

However, instead of walking away, he came to f; ,-I?-*~"~'~fl'f".?? i? ~ 7 sit down next to me. “It surely smells good and it?s ?iii .71; I i " h _

beautiful, too! That ?s why Ipicked it up,” he said. c i? ' _ F

“Here, it r5 for you.” I knew I had to take it, . , or he might never leave. So I reached for the _ ? W? ?f-?Evj;

?ower and said, “Thank you.” I waited, but _ . Q i 7 7

the boy didn ?t put the ?ower in my halld- H6 ' i =2

just held the ?ower and didn ?t move. It was _ V . .

_ not lm?i-tlren 1i'="'i ? _ _, . . y, .. M . _

i see anything. He was blind. l i?? h I

My voice quivered (it iii) and "_ ';

down my cheeks. I took the ?ower " - "3

and said, “Thank you! You have i?

picked up the best one.” ; ?

“You are welcome!” the boy l,

replied happily, and then ran away.

>> lleallinll cheek

I. True or false a '

1. The author was unhappy about her life.

2. The young boy didn ’t go away because he knew the W author faked a smile.

3. At first, the author didn ‘t know the boy was blind. -

4. The author cried because she was veryangry with _ herself. .

5. The author had been blind for many years. V . ll. Questions for further understanding a

1 . Who imagined the flower to be beautiful? .

2. What did the author do

> V . a. Ag i. .

V! . 3 i. W‘ l‘ u h. . 3

a. What mu the flu

i '

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