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剑桥小学英语学生用书3 Unit1—Unit4练习题

Name: Score:

1.Match and write the rhyming word.

leg snack head pen shirt socks

2.Write the sentences.

(1) don′t We at weekend work (.)

(2) we I also think some need chocolate (.)

(3)got Have a mascot you (?)

(4) the are There of lots rings pink on table (.)

(5) necklace that beautiful got money enough you Have for (?)

(6) dreams She often that shells collect she (.)

(7) go school to I day every at o′clock seven(.)

(8) Tim stamps collects hat beautiful and (.)


(9) many How you have got comics(?)

(10) doesn′t autographs He collect (,) his but of full is room cactuses(.)

3.Read and match .

Have you got a beautiful hat? Yes, I have.

What shall we do? I′m Tony.

What′s that down there?

Thank you for helping, Sandra!

Hello. What′s your name ?

2 That′s OK. Let′s run. Wow! It′s a nice necklace.

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