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12-13-2 六英语模拟一

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1. What games does Sam like to play? ---He likes to play________.

[A] tennis and basketball [B] table tennis and basketball [C] football and tennis 2. Who does he play with? --- He plays with _______. [A] Nick [B] Jack [C] Tim 3.Where does he play? –He plays ___________

[A] at school [B] on the playground [C] at Sports Center 4.When does he often play?

[A] On Sundays [B] On weekends [C] On Saturday afternoon. 听第二段对话,完成5—7小题。

5. What are they doing now? They are _________.

[A] shopping [B] playing [C] eating

6. How much does the sweater cost? It costs______.

[A] Ninety yuan. [B] Ninety-nine yuan [C] Nineteen yuan. 7 . What color does Charlie want to buy? ________.

[A] blue [B] black [C] brown 听第三段对话,完成8—9小题。


8. What will they do together?

[A] Go boating [B] Work out at the gym. [C] Read in the library 9. Where will they meet?

[A] At the school gate [B] In the park [C] At Sports Center


第二部分 语言知识 (41分)



—————— —————— —————— —————— ——————

—————— —————— —————— —————— ——————


1. ant bee zebra 2. dress pajamas sweatpants 3. farmer driver singer 4. May June November 5. sixth fifth eighth 6. rainy foggy snowy 7. pepper tomato cucumber 八、从三个选项中选择最佳选项,并将其标号用1. What ____Tom doing now? – [A]am, is [B] is, is 2. Where is Matt? I ____ see number 24.

[A] mustn’t [B]shouldn’t 3. Charlie usually ________ outside on Sundays.

[A] playing [B] plays [A] sounds [B] touches [A] do [B]does 6. I will _____ on vacation next summer.

[A] go [B] going 7. There isn’t ______ snow on the big mountain.

[A] much [B]many


第三部分 综合运用(20分)


( )1. Robot will do all the chores in the year 2055. Life will be better in the future.

( )2. Lily and Kate are reading books in the library now. Please keep silent. ( )3. He is an old man. He is my mother’s father. He likes reading newspapers. Who is he?

( )4.What will you do this summer vacation? I will take many photos at seaside.


( )5. May Day is in this month. My birthday is in this month, too. It’s the fifth day in May.


[B] Every morning [C] Every afternoon [B] By train [C] By subway She’s happy. [B] She’s excited. [C] She’s ill. 花费) walking straight to the hospital? [B] 30 [C] 5 5分)

(至少5句) :What’s your name? t’s your favorite sport? Name:不写真实姓名 From: Liangxiang, Beijing… climb the mountain , play basketball\tennis\ football… go to the Great Wall, watch TV , …. travel to Tianjin, play with my friend…..


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