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2013—2014学年第二学期六年级英语期末测试卷汉语言 - 副本

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A. What B. Where C. When ( ) 6. They will go to Beijing _______plane.

A. by B. on C. at

满分100分 , 时间:90分钟

( )7. Would you like to come to my birthday party?


1. are (过去式) _____________ 6. The Great Wall_____________ 2. g o (过去式)_____________ 7. London _____________ 3. d o (

过去式)_____________ 8. turn right____________

4. 在 家__________________ 9. 打扰一下____________ 5. 河 流________________ 10. 乘公交车_____________


1.__________ was your holiday? -----It was wonderful. 2.________ you want to go to Beijing? ----Yes, I do 3.________ were you born? -----I was born in Beijing.

4._________ are we going to the Summer Palace? ----tomorrow morning.

5.___________do you like? -----I like apples.


( )1.Where were you_______ your holiday?

A. during B. about C. of ( )2.Do you want ________there, too?

A. to go B. go C. goes ( )3.Did you go to plant trees yesterday?

A. Yes ,I did B. No,I did C. Of course ( )4.________,where is the bank?

A. Excuse me B. to be honest C. Thank you

( )5._________were you born? On January 2 nd,1993.


A. I’d like B. I

’d love C. I

d love to ( )8.September is the __________month of the year. A. ninth B. nine C.nineth

( )9. Which city is the capital of American?

A. Paris B. Washington D.C. C. london ( )10.People are trying _________animals.

A. protect B. to protect C.protecting


( ) 1. It was Tree Planting Day.

( ) 2. They will go to Xi’an .

( ) 3. We are going to visit the Great Wall this morning.

( ) 4. We cut down to many trees.

( ) 5. I learned a lot from our textbook.


七、补全对话。10分 五、从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏相对应的答语(10分)

Ⅰ栏 Ⅱ栏 ( ) 1. How many trees did you plant? A. It was fantastic. ( ) 2. How was your holiday? B. I was at home. ( ) 3. Where were you yesterday? C. Tomorrow morning ( ) 4. When are we going to Beijing? D. 10 trees ( ) 5.Is the Great Wall far from here? E. No, It isn’t.


1. wonderful, it, was

————————————————————————————. 2. post office, is , the ,where

————————————————————————————? 3. born ,in ,I ,was, Beijing

————————————————————————————. 4.is, there, a , park, my, home ,near

————————————————————————————. 5.waste ,too, water, we, much

Lily: Good morning , Lisa.

Lisa: _______________,Nice to see you here. Lily: I moved to this neighbourhood last week. Lisa: Really?_____________________________!

Lily: Thank you, ___________, I want to go to the post office,

______________ ?

Lisa: Go straight along this road. When you get to the main street,

turn left. Go straight along that street. You will see a green building on the left. The post office is in it.

Lily: Thank you.

Lisa: _____________________!


on in at of to

1. There is a noodle restaurant ________ the road. 2. look _____the map of China.

3. Next ______the bank is a barbershop.

4. Many people go shopping _______the supermarket. 5. There are all kinds ________wild animals.


Look at this blue planet, This is our home. There are plains , mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans on our planet. There are all kind of trees, flowers and grass on our planet. There are all kinds of wild animals living together with us .Don’t you want to keep our planet beautiful? But sometimes we do bad things to it.

We waste too much water, we cut down too many trees, we hunt too many wild animals for our food or clothes……We shouldn’t do these things. We should save our planet, because we have only one planet! 答案

Ⅰ、1.were 2.went 3.did 4.at home 5.river

6. 长城 7.伦敦 8.Excuse me 9(往)右转10. by bus

(take a bus)

Ⅱ、how ,do, where, when, what Ⅲ、A,A,A,A,C,A,C,A,B,B Ⅳ、√√√×× Ⅴ、D.A.B.C.E

( ) 1.What colour is our planet?

A. red B. yellow C. blue

( ) 2.Do you want to keep our planet beautiful?

A. Yes, I do. B. No, I don’t C. Yes, I don’t.

( ) 3.There are all kinds of_________ living together with us.

A. wild animals B. grass C. flowers

( ) 4.We should_______________

A.save our planet B.do bad things to it .C. make it dirty

( ) 5.Why should we save our planet?

A. because we have only one planet B.because it is beautiful C. because we like it.

Ⅵ、1. It was wonderful.

2.Where is the postoffice? 3. I was born in Beijing. 4.there is a park near my home. 5.We waste too much water. Ⅶ、B C A D E

Ⅷ、 on at to in of Ⅸ、C A A A A

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