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This is my day

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Let’ learn and Let’ play

Background information:

Students: Primary Schools students, Grade 5

Ⅰ、Teaching Aims:

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

a、 The phrases: do morning exercises, eat breakfast, have

English class, play sports, eat dinner.

b、 the sentences: When do you……?

I usually …….

Help the students to practice their listening and speaking.

Ⅱ、Teaching important points and difficult points: Important points: Speaking the phrases.

Difficult points: Using the sentences to communicate with others.

Ⅲ、Teaching aids: backboard

Ⅳ、Teaching procedures:

StepⅠ、.Warm up(5mins)

a) Guess time

The teacher drew a big clock in the picture on the blackboard, don't draw on the hour and minute hands, stand in front, arms

and demonstrates a time, pay attention to presentation will always arm shortened said clockwise,and

students to then,askstudent:What time is it?Guiding


b) Students listen to the story, and find out the activities. T:What do you do on Saturdays?

S:Watch TV.go shopping …….

c) Teacher summarizes, and writes the activities on board. StepⅡ、Presentation(15mins)

a) Use the pictures to introduce the activities on backboard. (Use the structure: What does he/she do?)

b) Students learn to speak phrases with the help of pictures. c) Students volunteer to read the phrases at the lesson. StepⅢ、Practice(10mins)

a) Ask students some questions about day’s activities and the time.

b) Pair-work:the chair-mates practice the dialogue on the textbook.

c) Ask some students to perform the dialogue.

d) Pair work: One does actions for activities of the day , the other guesses the names of activities.


a) A task:Use the structure( When do you do ……?) do interviews to friends, then complete the timetable.

b) Students volunteer to present the results.


Write a short paragraph to introduce the day of your family members to your friends.

Ⅴ、Backboard design play sports 17:00

have English class 9:00

eat breakfast 7:00

eat dinner 19:00

When do you ... ...?

I(usually)......at ...

Ⅵ、Teaching reflection

To be written immediately after the lesson.

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