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M5u1 it's big and light视导课件

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MODULE 5 Decisions

Unit 1



red blue

green black orange



Let's sing a song.

Let’s say the opposite words.
-- ll

big small good bad tall short new old fat thin young old long short

light light 轻的

heavy重的 heavy

It’s big and heavy .

It’s small and light.

pocket 口袋

It’s got two pockets


It’s broken.

Let's chant.
? heavy,heavy,the

desk is heavy ? light,light,the ball is light ? broken,broken,the egg is broken ? pocket,pocket,it's got a pocket.

Ms smart : lingling,look at your bag ! It’s broken.You can't take it to China . I'll buy you a new one. Lingling : thank you .

Lingling : This black bag is nice . It’s big ! Ms smart : but it’s heavy .this green one is light . And it’s got two pockets . Lingling : But it's small .
Ms smart : Look at this blue one .It's big and light . Lingling : oh yes ! Sales assistant:and it's got four wheels .it'll be easy for you . Ms Smart : Great! We'll take it ,please .

Read the text again and finish the table: (再读课文,然后完成下表

small The black bag The green bag The blue bag




√ √

Read and choose
1.What does Lingling need? √ A. toy B. bag C. book 2.Where are Lingling and Ms Smart? √ A.department store B. station C. library 3.What’s the black bag like? A.heavy B. small C. light √ 4.Which bag has got pockets? A. blue B. black √ C. green

It is It has


light. broken.

It’s got two pockets.

Listen to the tape once and fill in the blanks.

nice This black bag is______. It’s______. big heavy But it’s________.

This green one is_________.
pockets And it’s got two _________.


small But it’s________.


Look at this blue one. big light It’s______ and_____. wheels And it’s got four _________. easy It’ll be________ for you.

Retell the story

broken nice big light small heavy pockets big light wheels easy

Let’s talk about the pictures.

The green bag is heavy.

A: It’s heavy. A: It’s light.

B: It’s the green bag.

B: It’s the red bag.

A: It’s small.

A: It’s big.
B: It’s the blue kite. B: It’s the red kite.

A: They are new.
A: They are B: They ’re B: They’re old. the blue the white shoes. shoes.

A: They are broken.
A: They are good.
B: They ’re the yellow pencils. B: They are the blue pencils.

Let’s play a guess game.

’s question
? ? ? ? ? It’s big. It’s gray(灰色的). It’s very heavy . It’s got a long nose. What is it ?

? It’s an elephant .

’s question
? ? ? ? It’s beautiful. It’s very light. We can fly it in spring. What is it?

? It’s a

kite .

’s question
? ? ? ? It’s big and light. We can put lots of books in it. We often take it to school. What is it ?

? It’s a bag .

观察你的书包、衣服、鞋子等 身边物品并向你

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