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6B Unit 8第二课时教案

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Recite the new words.

Teaching Procedures

Step 1 Revision

1. Game:Say the words go-orange…

2. Play-play football go-go on an outing

make-make a puppet

Step 2 Free talk

1.T:-- What are you going to do this afternoon?

SS:-- I’m going to …with my friends. Would you like to join us?

T:Yes. I’d love to .

2.B.Look ,read and write Ss fill in the blanks by themselves

3.Check out

4.Read the dialogue and the passages

Step 3 Revision

1. Recite the new words and phrases of the Unit5and 6.

2. Have a dictation:What are you going to do this afternoon?

I’m going to see a play with my friends. I want to write to my Grandpa .

His hobbies are collecting stamps and swimming

Step 4 Exercises


1.在春天_________ 2、夏天的早晨_________3.一场秋季赛_________

4、寒冷的一天_________5.写封英文信_________ 6、在乡间道路上_________

7、打雪仗_________ 8、看音乐会_________9、我的电子邮件地址_________


2.Copy the sentences.

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