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Unit 7 A letter to a pen friend
龙苴小学 颜雪芹


1.What does Liu Tao need?
He needs some writing paper,an envolope and some stamps.

2.What for? He wants to write to Peter.

If you want to write a letter, what do you need?

an envelope a stamp


writing paper

Let’s learn writing paper 信纸

some writing paper

a writing paper (X) a piece of writing paper(√)

Let’s learn

a stamp

an envelope

Let’s learn



some glue
a bottle of glue

If you want to send a fax, what do you need?

a fax machine

a fax number

fax 传真

machine 机器

a fax machine

If you want to make a telephone call, what do you need?

a telephone number

a telephone or

a mobile phone



a telephone
a telephone number 一组电话号码

Let’s learn

a postcard

Penny wrote a letter to Miss Zhang. They didn’t need the postman’s help. I helped them with computers. Who am I?

an e-mail

Listen and read!

letter 信 postcard 明信片 envelope 信封

e-mail 电子邮件
fax machine 传真机 writing paper 信纸

telephone number 电话号码

let’s learn
A: Can I have a/an/some/the …? 能给我……吗? B: What for? 干什么用? A: I want to… 我想…… B: Sure/OK. Here you are. 好的,给你。

a postcard write to Tim (写信给Tim) A: Can I have a post card, please? B: What for? A: I want to write to Tim. B: Sure. Here you are.

collect stamps

write a letter

draw a picture

make a kite

do my homework

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