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The phonograph

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I am rise little teacher
? Hello every one ! I am little teacher Alex , today I will teach you about the phonograph!

We can play a little game!
? Rules of the game: like I say today I am happy you will say happy am I today and a group will lose one point if somebody makes a mistake. Two group have a competition.

Let’s begin the class
? First question: Do you know who is the greatest inventor in the word? ? Second question: who invent the phonograph ? ? Third question: what are human inventions can record sound?

Thomas Alva Edison
? Thomas Alva Edison is American invention . He was born in February 11,1847 and died on October 18, 1931 .when he was a child , he liked to find out how things worked . He very like to read book . And he grow up he be a great invention he have more then two thousand patents and improvement of human being. and the phonograph is he’s invent.

Thomas Edison



Optical disk



for listen

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