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Let’s chant.
Flying flying flying I am flying flying. Walking walking walking I am walking walking Runing running running We are running running.

What is the… doing? It’s jumping/running/…

It’s not drinking…


Are you taking pictures? Yes.

What’s she/he/it doing? She’s swinging… It’s eating a fish.

I can see many animals? They’re flying/walking.
What can you see?

What’re they doing?

The monkeys are good climbers.The elephant can drink water with its trunk.

climbing a tree

drinking water

Are they…? Yes/No.

What is she doing? She is watching leaves.

I can have a picnic. Woods.


What can you do there?

Where are you going?

They’re happy on the weekend.

Let’s say.

It’s a sunny day. The students are having a good time. They’re going on a field trip. Chen Jie is flying a kite. Wu Yufan is catching butterflies .Amy is listening to the music. Zhang Peng is drawing a picture. Miss White is watching insects. Two ducks are swimming in the lake…

What’re they doing now?

They’re picking up leaves.
Ask and answer.

They’re going to have a picnic. They’re walking.

What are they doing? Guess.
They’re having a picnic/writing a report.

They’re fighting.

What is it doing? Is it swimming?

The goose is swimming in the lake. The bird is eating a fish.

Let’s talk.

Write a report about your field trip/animals.

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