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五 年 级 英 语

班级 姓名

B: Can you spell that in English? ( )7. A: The small butterflies eat leaves. B: The small caterpillars eat leaves.

( )8. A: My mother is making cakes in the kitchen. B:My mother is cooking in the kitchen.

( )9. A:How many bears are there ? There are thirteen. B: How many bears are there ? There are thirty.


:名姓 :级班一. 听录音,选出你所听到的单词:(10分)

( ) 1. A: big B: small C: smoke ( ) 2. A: Tuesday B: Sunday C: Monday ( ) 3. A : cross B :sweets C: stop ( ) 4. A : three B: thirty C: thirteen ( ) 5. A : feel B: taste C: smell ( ) 6. A : go to B:get up C: have got ( ) 7. A: half B:hole C: hold ( ) 8. A: year B: yellow C:your

( ) 9. A: winter B: white C: windy ( )10. A: wet B: what C: weather 二.听录音,选出听到的句子:(10分) ( )1. A: I am reading a book. B: I am riding a bicycle.

( )2. A: My birthday is in September. B: My birthday is in December. ( )3. A: We fly kites in the park..

B: We fly kites in the playground. ( )4. A: How much is this ball? B: How much is that ball?

( )5. A: What time is it ? It’s half past one. B: What time is it ? It’s half past ten. ( )6. A:How do you spell that in English?

( )10.A:The guitar is behind the chair. B : The guitar is beside the chair. 三.听问句,选答语:(5分)

( )1.A:I need some rice.

B: I like noodles.

( )2.A:Yes,she does.

B: Yes ,I can.

( )3.A:Here you are.

B: I am sick.

( )4.A:I have got two.

B:I am eight.

( )5.A:He is sad.

B:She is sad.

四.听录音,给下列句子排序:(5分) ( )We bought many favourite food. ( )I went shopping with my friends. ( )So we went there by bus.

( )The shop is far from my home. ( )What a happy day it is!



( )1.A:green B:red C:face ( )2.A:oranges B:grapes C:rice ( )3.A:want B:what C:when ( )4.A:six B:fourth C:first ( )5.A:doing B:sing C:reading 六.选择正确的一项(20分)

( )1.____ is sitting under the umbrella ? Mum . :Where B : Who C : What



( )2.There is a temple ___ the top ___ the mountain . A : at , on B : of , at C : at , of

( )3.____ umbrella is this ? It’s my cousin’s. A : Who’s B :What C : Whose

( )4.What are your grandma and grandpa doing ? ______

sleeping .

A : He is B : She is C : They are ( )5.What ___do you do your homework? A: colour B: time C: school

( )6.How many_____are there in the playground ? Four. A : the boys B: boys C: boy ( )7.This is a blue bag. I like_____. A : this B : that one C : one

( )8._____ pen do you like? I like the black one. A : What B : Which C : How ( )9.--Can she play the drum? --_______

A: Yes, she can’t. B:No, she can. C:Yes, she can. ( )10.What are you ____?

A:doing B: do C: to do 七.选词填空:(10分)

Live ;look at ;read ; watch ; see

1.Can you_____this story book for me? Sure.

2.How many birds can you _______in the tree? Four. 3. __________ the blackboard,please.

4.Don’t______TV now. Time to go to bed. 5.Some monkeys_____in the jungle. 八:问句答句配对:(10分)

( )1.What’s in the playground? A: I go to school by bus. ( )2.How do you go to school? B:I have got ten yuan. ( )3.How much money have you got? C: I want a new bag.

( )4.What do you want? D: Some boys and some girls. ( )5.What are you doing? E:I am drawing a picture.



Hi,I am Mary.I am a pupil.I usually get up at about six on weekends.I have tes and bread for breakfast. I have two good friends.One is Lucy,the other is Lily.Lucy often gets up at half past six.She likes bread and milk for breakfast. But Lily likes hamburgers and tea.She doesn’t like milk at all.

1.Mary gets up at about______on weekends. 2.Mary has ______for breakfast.

3.Lucy often gets up at ______past six. 4.Lily likes eating______ for breakfast. 5.Mary has got ____good friends.


It is a nice day .The children are in the park. There are many trees and flowers in the park. Danny is playing the guitar. Alice is dancing on the grass. Helen and Kitty are singing .They are beside Alice .Three boys are playing football. Ben is sleeping under a big tree.

( )1.The children are in the park. ( )2.Danny is playing the violin.

( )3.Helen and Kitty are singing beside Alice. ( )4.Four boys are playing football.

( )5.Ben is under the tree. He is sleeping.

十一.写作:今天是你的生日,描述你喜欢的和想要的东西,开头已给出。 要求:1.句型使用正确;2.句意完整;3.至少五句话。(5分)

Today is my birthday.

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