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Lesson 7

I have a happy family

Miss Gu

单词: father爸爸 mother妈妈 brother兄弟 sister姐妹

Is he/she ...? Yes ,he/she is. No, he/she isn’t.
他/她 是...... ? 是的,他/她 是。 不,他/她不 是。


teacher [‘ti:t??] 教师
tea [ti:] 茶 bread [bred] 面包 head [hed] 头 breakfast [‘brekf?st] 早餐 sweater [‘swet?] 毛 衣

read [ri:d] 读
bean [bi:n] 豆, 豆荚

family album 家 庭相册 handsome [‘h?ns?m] 英俊的

How many 多少 I think so。 我是这 (后面加可数名词复数) 样认为的。 pet 宠物 kitten [‘kitn] 小猫 look like 看起来像 member [‘memb?] 成员

Lesson 8
? ? ? ? New words : uncle [‘??kl] 叔叔 伯伯 伯父 aunt [ɑ:nt] 阿姨 婶婶 伯母 grandfather [‘gr?nd,fɑ:e?] 祖父 外祖父 老爷爷 ? grandmother [‘gr?nd,m?e?] 祖母 外祖母 老奶奶

Is this your grandmother ?

Yes ,she is .
Is that your uncle ? No ,he isn’t Are they your grandparents? Yes ,they are ./No, they aren’t.

? row [r?u] 一排,一列 ? window [‘wind?u] 窗户 ? blow [bl?u] 吹, 吹动 ? yellow [‘jel?u] 黄色 ? cow [kau] 母牛,奶牛 ? owl [aul] 猫头鹰 ? flower [‘flau?] 花朵 ? brown [braun] 褐色的,棕色的

Learn to say
? A:Are they your parents? ? L:No, they aren’t. They’re my uncle and aunt. ? A:Is this your mother ? ? L:No, she’s my grandmother. ? A:Oh,she looks so young. ? A:Is that your grandfather? ? L:Yes ,he is . ? A:Oh,he’s strong.

Read and think ? ? ? ? ? ? Hi! My name is Dong Yu. I have a big happy family. (有) I have 10 mothers. They are very kind to me . (对· · · 很友好) I love them all. I have many, many brothers and sisters . ? They are very friendly. ? I often play with them.(和· · · 玩) ? I love my big happy family!

1, How big is the girl’s family?

2.Why does she feel happy?





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