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Lesson16 快乐英语五年级下册

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New Words


New Words


the Great Wall

New Words

New Words


New Words


? 1. --- How can I get to the museum? --- You can take No. 2 bus. ? 2. --- How can I get to the airport? --- You can take No. 202 bus. ? 3. --- How can I get to the booksore? --- You can take No. 3 bus. ? 4. --- How can I get to the station? --- You can take No. 4 bus. ? 5. --- How can I get to the square? --- You can take No. 5 bus. ? 6. --- How can I get to the Great Wall? --- You can take No. 6 bus.

David: Dad, I’d like to see the pandas in Beijing Zoo. 我想 观看熊猫 Dad: Me, too.
David: But how can we get to the zoo? 到达动物园

Mom: Let me see. Oh, Beijing Zoo. It’s here. We can take 乘坐 No. 406 bus or No, 320 bus. Dad: Can we get there by subway? Mom: I’m afraid we can’t. 恐怕我们不能。 David: Mom, let’s go by taxi. It’s faster. 它更快。 Dad: But it’s too expensive. 公共汽车来了 快些/快点。 Mom: Look, the bus is coming. Hurry up.



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