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Unit 1 Who’s younger? (Part A)

big small old


long young thin

10 125cm

12 130cm

35kg 135cm



Sally is as tall as Jill.

Listen and answer . Q1:When did Su Hai go for a walk(去散步) in the park ? On Sunday morning , Su Hai went for a walk in the park . Q2:Who did she meet ? She met Ben and his cousin , Jack . Q3:Was she very glad to see them? Yes , she was very glad to see them . Q4:What did they do there ? They sat down under a big tree and had a chat (聊天) . (sit) (have)

Listen and answer .

Q1:Do Su Hai and Su Yang look the same (看起来很像) ? Yes , they do . Q2:Is Su Hai as tall as Su Yang ? No , Su Hai is taller than Su Yang . Q3:Who is younger , Su Hai or Su Yang ? Su Yang’s twenty minutes younger than Su Hai .

twins 双胞胎 twin 双胞胎之一 twin sisters 双胞胎姐妹 twin sister 双胞胎姐姐/妹妹 Jack wants to meet Su Yang one day .

Listen and answer . Q1: Does Jack have any brothers or sisters ? No, he doesn’t . He’s the only child(唯一的孩子) in his family . Q2: Who’s Jimmy ? That’s Jack’s dog . Q3: How old is Jimmy ? He’s four . Q4: How old is Jack ? He’s five .

Read and complete 读课文填空 I met Ben and his cousin Jack In the park. Jack’s five years old. He doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. He has a dog , Jimmy. Jimmy’s one year younger than Jack.

as … as 中间用原形 look the same 看起来很像 look different 看起来不同

一、写出下列动词的过去式 1. go 2. have 3. sit 4. meet 二、翻译下列词组 1. have a chat 2.去散步 3. the only child 4.和……一样 5. on Sunday morning 6.看起来很像 7.twin sister 8.某一天

go for a walk 去散步 have a chat 聊天 twin sister 双胞胎姐姐/妹妹 one day 某一天 look the same 看起来很像 as … as 和……一样 on Sunday morning 在星期天上午 the only child 唯一的孩子 You’ve got 你有;你得到 under a big tree 在一棵大树下

? ? ? ?

1.抄写十个词组,每个3英1中。 2.跟磁带读课文三遍,背诵第一段。 3.默写十个词组。 4.预习DE部分。

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