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4B module 1 综合练习题7

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4B module1 综合练习题1.


1.swim现在分词__________ 2.play同类词________ 3.football同类词__________

4.do第三人称单数_________ 5.run现在分词__________ 6.chase现在分词__________

7.brush(复数)________ 8. that(复数)________ 9.this(复数)________

二. 按正确形式填空

1. Don’t make any noise. The babies ____________ (sleep) now.

2. Peter can ______ (draw) well. Look! He ____________ (draw) his teacher.

3. Kitty’s friend_______ (like) playing table tennis. Look! She ____________ (play) now.

4. Whose________ (pen) are these? They’re Ben’s.

5. There________ (not be) any tea in the cup.

6. What______ you_____(do)? I’m writing.

7. Whose guitar is this? It’s_________ (Eddie)

8. Here_____ (be) some cute animals on the farm.

9. There ______ (be) a dog and two cats on the farm.


1. Kally____swimming in the sea.

A. is B. like C. can

2. Is this _____ruler? –Yes, it’s____ ruler.

A. my…my B. your …my C. your…your

3. I can’t play_____ piano,but I can paly_____football.

A. /…the B. the…a C. the…/

4. -_____ this little boy?-He’s Jim.

A. Who B. Whose C. Who’s

5. -_____ you like playing basketball in the classroom?

-No, we don’t.

A. Can B. Do C. Are

6. Whose are these pencils? - They’re _____

A. Kitty pencils B. my C. Kitty and Ben’s

7. - ___ their teacher got any English books?- Yes.

A. Are B. Has C. Have

8. What’s Mr.Lee got?-_____ got a box of sweets.

A. He’s B. She’s C. His

9. That knife is _____ .I can’t cut the bread.

A. hard B. blunt C. sharp


1. I like playing the piano. (用Danny 代替I)

______ _____ playing the piano.

2. Kitty’s eating a banana at home. (斜体字进行提问)

_____ ____ ____ ______?

3. The boy is flying the kite in the park. (斜体字进行提问)

______ _____ the boy flying the kite?

4. My sister likes playing the piano. (改为否定句)

My sister_____ _____ like playing the piano.

5. Ben’s friend has got a pen (斜体字进行提问)

_____ _____ Ben’s friend got?

6. These are Lucy’s books. (斜体字进行提问)

________ books ______ these?

7. My brother can play football. (改为一般疑问句)

______ ______ brother play football?

8. Tom’s pencils are sharp. (改为否定句,但原意不变)

Tom’s pencils are______ _______.

9. Are the grapes sour? (否定回答)

______,______ ______.

10. The big basket is brown (斜体字进行提问)

______ _____ is the big basket?


Hello, my name is Lily. This is my room. My jacket and my hat are on my bed. My quilt is on the bed, too. My baseball is under the bookcase. There is a desk in the room. My alarm clock is on the desk. And a plant is on the desk, too. Look! My backpack is behind the chair. My books are in the backpack.

1. Is Lily’s jacket under the bed? ______________________________________

2. Is there a desk in Lily’s room? ________________________________________

3. What is behind the chair? _____________________________________________

4. Where are Lily’s books? ______________________________________________

5. Where is the baseball? ___________________________________________________




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