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英语作文讲 写作方法

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要 如何算是一篇好文章? 点 1.覆盖了所有的要点 全 2. 应用了较多的语法结构 和词汇 词汇,句型 (高级)和 连 接 词

语法多样化(较复杂) 3. 有效地使用了语句间的 连接成分,使全文结构紧凑 语言地道, 4. 语言得体

一、 How to write a Notice
通知一般有口头通知(oral notice) 和书面通知(written notice)两种形式。 无论哪种形式至少要包括:时间、地 点、活动内容。 A.口头通知(announcement) B. 书面通知(notice) (学海导航)P26&P30

? 1. 格式 ? 2. 语言上的表达 ? The report is…,the time of the report is…, the place is… ? 英语组 English group (×) English Depertment (√) ? 3. 时间、地点的正确表达 ? 星期五下午3点半 in chassroom 206 on Friday at half past fifteen (×) 习惯上先时间状语后地点状语(由小到大) at half past three on Friday afternoon in Room 206 (√)

? ? ? ?

让人眼前一亮的句子: 1. In order to inprove English teaching and learning skills, Mr Li will make a speech about Information and English Study. 2. ….because it is difficult for us to live when we enter into society without English common sense. 3. The report/lecture will begin at half past three in the afternoon on Friday and it will be arranged in the Room 206. 4. it’s a good chance to learn how to study English well.


An Announcement

Boys and girls, May I have your attention, please? I will tell you something important. We will have a roport on Information and English Study. We will invite Mr Li to give us a report. Mr Li is famous for his experience. I think he will tell us about his own experience and teach us how to learn English well. We will meet at 3:30pm on Friday. Let’s meet in the room 206. Don’t miss it. Everyone should be there on time and don’t be late. After the speech, we will have a discussion about the report. That’s all. Thank you!

An Announcement

Boys and girls, May I have/take your attention, please? There will be a lecture at half past three on Friday afternoon. It’s about Information and English Study. And it will be given by Mr. Li Hua, who is a famous teacher from the English Department. There’s sure to be something instructive and interesting. We can get more information from it, I think. And it will improve our English studies to a new stage. Anyone who wants to attend it can come to Room 206. take notes and have a discussion after the lecture. That’s all! Thank you!

NOTICE In order to improve the students’ spoken English, an English-speaking contest among the students of Senior Grade one will be held in the lecture hall at seven p.m. on November 15. It is organized by the Students’ Union. Those who want to take part, please sign up in the Students’ Union office before November 10. Five English teachers will be invited to work as judges. The first 8winners will be given p

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