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EEC小学英语四年下I'm scared.选择,连词成句,英汉互译

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Wow, ___ a roller coaster. A that’s B that C That’s

It ____ exciting.

A look B looks

C looking

I want ____ on that.

A ride B ride to

C to ride

I’m ___ .

A scared B scare

C care

I want ___ a bumper car.

A to drive B drive

C driving

I want to drive___ bumper car.

A a B an


___ time is it?

A What
B What’s C what

____ four thirty.

A It B It’s

C it’s

Time ___ home.

A go B go to

C to go

Time to ___ home.

A go B go to

C to go

We can ____ again.

情态动词 +动词原形
A come B comes

C coming

coaster , a , is , that , roller

That is a roller coaster


looks / it / exciting

It looks exciting


on / to / ride / I / want / that

I want to ride on that


to / drive / car / I / bumper / want / a

I want to drive a bumper car


come/ you / to / too/ want / do

Do you want to come , too


fun / is / this / really

This is really fun


is / what / it / time

What time is it


is / thirty / four / it

It is four thirty


to / home / time / go

Time to go home


again / can / come / we

We can come again


roller coaster bumper car

刺激的 真地

exciting scared really

过山车 碰碰车 害怕的

ride drive

当然 快点

come on sure fun

有意思的 驾驶 乘坐

all right What time

回家 再来

go home come again Phew

好吧 唉 几点

time time to

家 又, 再

home again thirty

该… 三十 时间

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