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姓名: 成绩:听力部分(25′)


1( ) A,go skiing B, went skiing C, went ice-skating 2 ( ) A, library B, post office C, cinema

3 ( ) A, taller B, shorter C, stronger 4 ( ) A, matter B, better C, butter

5 ( ) A, artist B, actor C,doctor 二,听问句,选择正确的答句。10′

1( )A,I am 12 years old. B, I am 12 years older.

2 ( ) A, I am a dentist. B, You are thinner than me. 3 ( ) A, He feels tired. B, She feels excited.

4( )A,He is a cleaner. B, He is 165 cm tall.

5 ( ) A,I cleaned my bedroom. B, She learned Chinese yesterday.


1( )

2( ) 3( )4( )

5( )



( )1、 I'm 160cm tall. I'm _____than my young brother.

A. older B. taller C. longer

( )2、______did you go there?

A. What B. When C. How

( )3、My father ______ at 6:30 in the evening.

A. go to bed B. goes bed C. go bed

( )4、Yellow light means ________.

A. wait B. go C. stop

( )5、What did you do last weekend?

A. I play football B.I washed clothes C. I go to a park

( )6、 Mary's hair is longer than ______.

A. Jane B. Jane's C. she

( )7、How ____Ann feel?

A. is B. do C. does

( )8、"Sperm whale" means_____.

A. 抹香鲸 B. 鲨鱼 C. 鱿鱼

( )9、 ---- How are you?

---- ______.

A. Fine, thank you. B. I'm 14 years old. C. I'm 50kg.

( )10、 I'm 11 years old. You're 12 years old. You are 1 year _____ than me.

A. young B. old C. older

( )11、In America, drivers drive on the _______side of the road. A. right B. middle C. left

( )12、It’s time _____say goodbye to China.

A. for B. with C. to

( )13、 We have lunch _____12 o’clock.

A. on B. at C. in

( )14、The writer writes the TV show ______my aunt.

A. for B. at C. in

( )15、I often _____ TV on Sunday evening. A. see B. watch C. look


( ) ①A、pen B、book C、bag D、elephant

( ) ②A、cat B、pig C、mother D、sperm whale

( ) ③A、apple B、grapes C、TV D、watermelon

( ) ④A、lake B、cold C、warm D、cool

( ) ⑤A、play B、swim C、fly D、yellow


①are tall you How ?


译: ____________________________________ ②hurts My nose .


译:_____________________________________ ③look sad today You . _____________________________________

译:_____________________________________ ④last weekend did What you do ? _____________________________________

译:_____________________________________ ⑤I fishing went weekend last . _____________________________________


四.Fill in the blanks. (根据中文意思,用正确的形式填空) (10′) 1.--What does Sarah usually do on the weekend?

--She usually _______________ (看电视) .

2. --What did you do on your holiday?

--I went to Beijing and ______________(拍照) there.

3. –What is Mike doing now?

--He is ______________ (踢足球) on the playground.

4. –Are you going to ______________ (游泳) this afternoon?

--No, we are going to have a picnic.

5. John is taller than Zhang Peng. But Zhang Peng is __________(强壮) than John.


I am Sandy.Tomorrow is Saturday.I am going to the Long Mountains with my good friends.We are going to meet at6:00 in the morning.The mountains are far from our home.We are going by bike.We are going to have a picnicthere.Amy__my little siswter,likes flowers.So I’m going to pick some beautful flowers for her.The mountainsarevery beautful,I take my camera,I’m going to take some pictures.I am going to….That’s will be fun!Oh,it’s10:30.I must go to bed. See you tomorrow!

1.What is Sandy going to do on Saturday?


2.When is Sandy going to meet with his friends ?


3.Are the mountains near Donny’s house?


4.Who is Amy? What does she like?


5.What is Sandy going to do on the mountain?


Tom and Tim are twins. They look the same. They like swimming best. They are active and smart. They often go swimming on Sundays. Today is Sunday. But Tom can’t go swimming. He hurts his right hand badly. He can’t do homework, either. He’s very sad. Tim doesn’t go swimming. Look! He is watching TV with Tom. They are excited because the TV show is really funny.

( ) 1. Tom and Tim are twin ____________. A. brothers B. sisters

( ) 2. _______ is the twins’ favourite sport. A. swinging B. swimming

( ) 3. Tom hurts his ________ A. leg B. hand

( ) 4. Tim ______ do homework. A. can B. can’t

( ) 5. Tom is ______ when he is watching TV. A. sad B. excited


(go, read, played, took, stayed, hurt, weekend, school, student, bus, was, family)

Peter is a_____________. He often goes to ____________ by ___________. Last week, He _____________his leg. So he ___________at home on the___________. He __________books and __________computer games. But he ___________sad, because he can’t ___________hiking with his friend.


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