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( )1.What is the weather like in summer? A. It’s June 3rd. ( )2.What are you going to do ? B .I’m from China.

( )3.What’s the date today ? C. I’m going to pick flowers. ( )4.Where are you from ? D. I wear sweaters and jeans. ( )5.What do you usually wear in spring? E. It’s sunny and hot. B

( )1.Are you from Canada? A. It’s on May 2nd. ( )2.Where are you going ? B .Yes,I am.

( )3.When is your birthday? C .I’m going to New York. ( )4.Where will you go? D. By ship.

( )5.How will you go there? E. The railway station. C

( )1、What do they have to do? A .Spring. ( )2、Which season do you like best? B. Good idea.

( )3、Why do you like autumn? C .They have to throw the junk away. ( )4、Shall we go swimming? D .The same to you.

( )5、Have a good time. E. Because it is wind and cool.


When (什么时候 ) Where (哪里) How (怎么样) What(什么) Which (哪一个) Why (为什么)

1.________ is the weather like ?

2._________ is your birthday?

3.__________ will you go there ?

4. ________ season do you like best ?

5. ________ are you from ?

6. ________ do you like summer?

is am are

1.She ________from South Korea.

2.We ________from the U.S.

3.Where ________he from ?

4.They ________from France.

5.I________from China.


2. Tokyo is the capital of ______________.

3. London is the capital of ____________.

4. Washington is the capital of _____________.

5. Ottawa is the capital of ______________.


A、 What B、Shall C、What’s

1. ________the weather like in Haikou?

2. ________we go swimming?

3. ________do you do in summer?

A、weather B、going C、wear

1.What do you ________in summer?

2.What’s Peter _______to do ?

3.What’s the________ like ?


1、 My mother is leave ________(for/in) Beijing .

2、What’s the weather like ________(for/in) spring?

3、 It’s _______ (sun/sunny) in summer.

4、We’re _______(going/go) to have a picnic.

5、There are four _______(season/seasons) in a year.

6、You’d better take _______(a/an) umbrella.

7、Spring _______(come/comes) before summer.

8、Christmas is _______(on/in) Dec 25th.

9、In spring, the birds _______(sing/sings), and the grass grows.In summer,the sun _______ (shine/shines).In autumn, the leaves _______ (turn/turns)yellow.In winter, it _______(snow/snows).

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