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陕西旅游版六年级英语专题复习 Unit1—Unit 2 一, 选择填空。 1. They ________(was/were)in Beijing.

2. I _________(was/were) ill yesterday.

3. My mother and I __________(was/were) at the zoo.

4. There ________ (was/were)a banana in the tree.

5. We __________(was/were)happy last weekend.

6. Where _______________(was/were)you last night.

7. It ____________(was/were) beautiful.

8. The dresses _______________(was/were)red.

9. How was your trip______________(in/to /on) Changsha?

10. She was _____________(in/at/on)the market.

11. He was__________( in/at/on)the library.

12. I was ____________( in/at/on)the playground.

13. I was ______________( in/at/on)the school yard.

14. ____________(Are/Do/May)I have a look? 二.选词填空。 supermarket friendly cinema modern cafe busy

1. There are a lot of skyscrapers. The city is_________.

2. People are very kind. They are very_______

3. People work very hard. They are very_________________.

4. She was seeing a film, so she was at the ________________

5. I want to go shopping, so I should go to the_________________.

6. There are many people drinking coffee. There must be_______________. 三.回答连线。 1. Was she excited? A. No, I didn’t

2.Did you sing a song? B. No, she wasn’t.

3. Where was he last night? C. They went to Shanghai.

4.What was your highlight in Chengdu? E. At the cinema.

5. Where did they go? F. E’ mei mountain.


m____ ______ 可以 fri____ ____dly 友好的 tr_____p 旅行

b___ _____utiful美丽的 g_____ ______ 体育馆 c___n___ma 电影院 h___sp___tal医院 s__p___ ___market超市。 五.阅读理解。 I went to New York with my family for my holiday. The weather was rainy and

windy. New York is a modern city, people there are very busy. We took a lot photos about it. We stayed there for two week. We had a good time in the New York.

1. What did you do?

We_______________(went shopping/took photos/painted)

2. How long did you stay?__________(Two days/ Three weeks/Two weeks)

3. What country did you go?__________(The U.K./The U.S./Japan)

4. Who did you go with?_____________(My father/My sister/My family)

5. People in New York are very_____________(busy/modern/relaxed)

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