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Unit1—Unit 2


1. Where were you yesterday? 你昨天在哪里

2. I was at the museum.

3. Why were you there?

4. What color was his hair?

5. It was white. His eyes were blue.

6. Was he handsome? Yes , he was./No, he wasn’t.

7. How was your trip?

8. How was your trip to Chengdu?

9. What was your highlight there?

10. Where did you go? I went to Hong Kong.

11. People there are very friendly.

12. Did you take any photos?

13. May I have a look?


1.Was是is 和am的过去式,一般接单数。

Were是are 的过去式,一般接复数。



Do you…..?回答:Yes, I do/No, I don’t.

Does she/he….? 回答:Yes, she does/No, doesn’t.

Did you….? 回答:Yes ,I did./No, I didn’t.

Is it……? 回答:Yes, it is/ No, it isn’t.

Was she/he….?回答:Yes, she/he was. 否定回答:No, she/he wasn’t.


at the museum/café/cinema…

in the library/classroom/the school yard

on the playground.



1. Yesterday was Alice’s birthday.

2. A birthday party.

3. On a farm.

4. Su Nan didn’t go because he was ill.

5. Alice looked beautiful in her new jeans and sweater.

6. Then they danced and played games.

7. They all said to Alice.

8. What did they do?他们做了什么?

9. Did she sing a song?她唱歌了吗?

10. I feel much better.

11. What did you do at the weekend?

12. We helped Uncle Wang pick apples and feed the pigs.

13. Why not go with us next Saturday?

14. What did she do before she picked apples?

15. She had lunch before she picked apples.








am——was is/am ——was are——were win---won go——went do——did drink-----drank run---ran

wear——wore sing——sang get-----got

say——said have/has——had eat——ate sing--sang see—saw come——came give—gave

play—played look—looked dance—danced

feed the pigs——fed the pigs

milk the cow——milked the cow

brush the horse ——brushed the horse

pick apples —— picked apples

gather eggs—— gathered eggs

water the garden——watered the garden

harvest the corn——harvested the corn

win a gold medal—— won a gold medal

open the present——opened the present

take photos——took photos

have a football match——had a football match

have a barbecue——had a barbecue

go hiking——went hiking

2,表示过去的时间 yesterday morning/ afternoon /evening last weekend/ Monday/night two years ago at that time 在那时

Unit 5----Unit 6


st1. Halloween is on the 31 of October.

2. It’s my favorite festival.

3. We made many lanterns with pumpkins.

4. In the evening, we wore horrible masks.

5. We said “Trick or treat” to our neighbors.

6. We played tricks on him.

7. Excuse me, where is the post office?

8. Go straight ahead for three blocks. Then turn right on Third Street.

9. The post office is next to the bank.

10. The hospital is opposite to the drugstore.


turn left 向左转 turn right 向右转 go straight直走 excuse me打扰一下 next to 紧挨着 near 在附近 opposite to 在….对面




1. I’d love to visit London.

2. You can come any time you like.

3. Where’s your country?

4. It’s west of China.

5. How far is it from China?

6. How long is the flight ?

7. About 12 hours.

8. That’s a long way.

9. Look at my photos.

10. Look at this photos.

11. My father took it for me last year.

12. How happy I was.


on 在….上面 in 在…里面 under 在….下面 behind 在….后面 in front of 在…前面 between 在….中间

north北 south南 west西 eastHow far(有多远) kilometer 千米 meter 米

How long (有多长时间) hour 小时 minute 分钟

thousand 千 hundred百 million百万

How far 多远 How far is it from China? It’s about 1,000 kilometers (meters). How long 多久 How long is the flight to New York.


What (什么) Where(哪里) Why(为什么) How 怎么样

What did you do at the weekend?

Where were you yesterday?

Where did you go?

Where is the post office?

Where’s your country?

How was your trip(to …)?

How exciting I was!

How happy I was!

How far is it from China(to…)?

How long is the flight?

Why not go with us next Saturday?

Did you take any photos?

Did they sing a song?


at the museum in the school yard

on the playground on a farm

on the Avenue at the weekend

last year next year have a look

look at go straight turn right

turn left on the left on the right

take part in参加

the tallest boy最高的男孩

get the first place取得第一名

3 东


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